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There are always career opportunties in the healthcare and medical industry. Some career positions are better than others and some despertly need new professionals while a couple of sectors are full. It can be difficult to figure out which field to go into. You don't want to choose one based only because they're hiring and working environments within the healthcare sector are wide-ranging.

Public hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, one day out paiecent surgeries, laboratories, pharmacies, day care centres and residential homes � they all serve people with different needs. In addition there are several more speciality practices such as dentists and opticians. Do you want to work a regular Monday through Friday job or does shift work sound more appealing? Opportunities also exist for part-time work and flexible working.

The skills required of professionals in the healthcare sector also vary depending on the particular field. However the following personal attributes are important no matter what field you chose to work in. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively The ability to work well as part of a team A high level of personal initiative A keen attention to detail A genuine concern for the well-being of those in care

Below is a short summary of medical professions, which gives a flavour of the huge variety of career opportunities that exist in the healthcare industry.

If you are looking for a career not listed try finding a career by category

Positions in the health care and medical industry require specialized knowledge and training. Some positions do not require a degree. However, a degree will help you to advance in your career faster than if you relied on on the job training. If you like to help people, like to manage challenges every day, and understand that the work can be hard but always rewarding than consider a career in health care.


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