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R Term ~ Definition

Recitation ~ A small-group session where students discuss material covered in large lectures.

Regional Accreditation ~ Accreditation granted to an entire academic institution by the accrediting commission responsible for institutions in the particular geographic area. There are six regional accrediting commissions in the United States. Regional accreditation is also referred to as institutional accreditation.

Registered Student ~ A registered student is one who has scheduled classes.

Research Assistant (RA) ~ A graduate student who is employed part-time to assist with faculty research.

Residence Hall (Dormitory) ~ A campus building where students live. Food service, social and educational activities are provided. Some colleges require students to live in residence halls for a certain amount of time.

Resident ~ A student who meets state residency requirements.

Restricted Elective ~ Major requirements which may be chosen from a group of courses specifically identified for that major.

Rolling admission ~ Policy in which a school sends out acceptance letters to students as they are accepted.

Room and board (charges) ~ On campus - Assume double occupancy in institutional housing and 19 meals per week (or maximum meal plan).


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