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I Term ~ Definition

Incomplete ~ Temporary grade indicating that the student has not met all course assignments at the end of the term.

Indebtedness ~ Aggregate dollar amount borrowed through any loan programs (federal, state, subsidized, unsubsidized, private etc.; excluding parent loans) while the student was enrolled at an institution. Student loans co-signed by a parent are assumed to be the responsibility of the student and should be included.

Independent College Student If you are an independent student, your Expected Family Contribution does not
include any expected help from your parents.

Independent Study ~ An assignment (reading or research) carried out by a student under faculty supervision.

Informational Interview ~ A meeting with an experienced person to gain knowledge or understanding. This can be used to find out about a job or career ~ such as the training and responsibility involved.

In-State Resident ~ A legal resident of the State for a minimum of one calendar year.

Institutional & External Funds ~ Endowment, alumni, or external monies for which the institution determines the recipient or the dollar amount awarded.

Internship ~ A job in a student's field of study; may be required in some academic programs and may include salary and college credit.

Ivy League ~ Association of institutions located in eastern United States originally organized for athletic competitions. The term has since become synonymous with highly selective prestigious and elite education. The Ivy League consists of: Brown University, Columbia University , Cornell University , Dartmouth College , Harvard University , University of Pennsylvania , Princeton University , and Yale University


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