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A Term ~ Definition

Academic Advisor ~ A faculty member assigned to help you plan a class schedule~ choose a major or answer other questions about college.

Academic Dismissal ~ A student who is dismissed may not register for any credit courses at the college for one full term.

Academic Probation ~ A student will be placed on academic probation when a student's grade point average falls below what is required.

Academic Suspension ~ Academic Suspension is the removal of a student from a program.

Accreditation ~ An endorsement given to educational institutions or academic degree programs by an organization that reviews qualifications.

Act ~ An organization that produces standardized admissions tests including the ACT & PLAN. Some colleges use ACT scores to determine admission eligibility.

Add ~ Adding another course to a schedule. Must

Advanced Credit ~ Some colleges offer tests for advanced college credit. Students who receive a high score on these tests can earn credit in specific subjects and may skip to higher level course.

Aggregate Borrowing ~ The aggregate limit is the total amount that each student can borrow in the span of his/her education.

Alumni ~ People who have graduated from a college.

Apprenticeship ~ Training programs that combine on the job training and course work, apprentices are usually paid for their training.

Articulation Agreement ~ A formal agreement between a College and a degree granting institution. These agreements are established for specific academic programs and assure transfer upon completion of appropriate coursework.

Asset ~ Assessment of skills for successful entry and or transfer to measure academic preparedness.

Associate's Degree ~ A two-year degree

Audit ~ To attend a class without receiving credit for the class.


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