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A To Z Technology Alphabet For Kids Parents

A To Z Technology Alphabet For Kids Parents

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A To Z The Technology Alphabet For Kids & Parents

Technology is being fused with everyday life and continues to adapt into more day to day items. With smart phones capable of surfing the internet and receiving emails and wi-fi networks spreading across cities like wildfire (except at airports) we are often no more than a second away from accessing some kind of technology based information or communication network.

Isn't is just a matter of time before grade school kids start reading the ABC book with technical references instead of apples and bees? I figured I would help it along a bit and provide a version.

A is for Antivirus which production will never cease
B is for Bluetooth and interrupted peace
C is for the college fund»» which continues to increase
D is for the dot com built by your 8 year old niece
E is for the Email spamming you with goose grease
F is for the Fiber Optic Cable installed by the disco priests,
G is for the Global Positioning System that found the car your teenager was in, which was stolen from the police
H is for the HTML»» your 1st grader will learn from her classmate Denise
I is for the Internet and your first date with Iona
J is for Java and your Revenge of Sith persona
K is for Kernel which is not the capital of Arizona
L is for the baby's 1st laptop and first online persona
M is for Meta Tags in hope to make some extra Swedish krona
N is for Nano technology and for Mork from Ork
O is for Operating systems which Playtel has begun new toy production
P is for Phishing»» and World Of Warcraft character reproduction
Q is for the Quantum energy production
R is for Red Goo which Playtel didn't make and destroyed little jimmy's science cake
S is for the Satellite that we watch while eating corn flakes.
T is for the technology wasted by the government on bee bomb detecting mistakes
U is for Unix which will never break
V is for Video that UTube makes
W is for Wifi which isn't available at the airports!
X is for XML and all the wonderful web designers
Y is for the Yucca»» type plants that interfere with the wireless whiners
Z is for the Zigbee Alliance and they


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