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Are We Past Stereotyping In Politics? It's hard to believe that we are over a year and a half before the elections and yet who will be the next president has already started heated debates. A poll released on February 28th showed a very strong surge by Republican Guliani and Democrat Obama. While Guliani's support has come from Evangilical Christians, Obama's growth has come from growing enthusiasm among African Americans. The first woman candidate and the first African American have to overcome problems that have nothing to do with their race or gender in order to receive the nomination and ultimately it is the race and gender that may well win one of them they're place in the election.

Hillary Clinton armed with a law degree hopes to recruit the support of thousands of women through what her campaign is calling their "women's leadership network." The campaign will ask female supporters in the network to take active roles in supporting Clinton's candidacy by e-mailing other women, campaign adviser Ann Lewis said.

The move is quite smart as she announced the drive, which will unfold throughout March to coincide with Women's History Month. The campaign intends to use a variety of social-networking tools to develop a thousands-strong Women's Leadership Network.

However, the idea that Hillary Clinton is entitled to the presidency because of her gender is backwards thinking. Unfortunately, I have read several blogs and comments that have turned a blind eye towards policy issues and have focused on that fact that as a women she needs to be placed in the office. What is worse is that Hillary Clinton's own campaign is echoing just this declaration.

As soon as Sen. Hillary Clinton, announced her goal for presidential race, she acknowledged the historic nature of her candidacy and has mentioned it on the campaign trail ever since. At every single one of her campaign stops Hillary has mentioned her gender as one of the foremost reasons to vote for her - not her stand on policy issues, not her senate record, but her gender.

Obviously, part of the attraction of Obama's candidacy is its history-making potential. Just as uninformed women may vote for Clinton based solely on her gender, uninformed African Americans may vote for Obama based on his skin color.

One positive aspect he has done is he has remained on the issues. His unwavering opposition to the war when such opposition was labeled unpatriotic, and his inspirational message of optimistic governance are hot ticket issues. What remains to be seen is whether or not being the youngest candidate in a very crowded field will influence voters even though many people have called him a naturally gifted politician.

Obama is a relatively new face on the national political scene and remains unknown to many voters. No doubt that Barack Obama will try to turn his lack of experience into a strength of "I have not been corrupted by the system" attribute. Interesting enough, being black doesn't necessarily mean Sen. Barack Obama has a lock on black voters. NY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, has strong support in the black community as does John Edwards, who has won praise from black leaders for his commitment to fighting poverty.

On the contrary of attracting black votes, Obama was asked whether he might be "too white" to appeal to black voters. This seems like a ridiculous question but because he is bi racial, Obama said in his first memoirs he couldn't get in the door at national civil rights groups when he was younger.

Barack Obama is a passionate politician who has a lot positive aspects in his corner. Sadly the same positive aspects may also work against him. He is well educated, well traveled and has remained sensitive to other people's nationalism. On his website www.Barack he says

"My experience growing up in Indonesia or having family in small villages in Africa - I think it makes me much more mindful of the importance of issues like personal security or freedom from corruption."

The election campaigns have started much earlier than is normal. While we know who some of the major players are, the novelty of the players have been more interesting than their issues.


  1. Just Tired

    Im a 20 year old black male living in Denver,Co.I have been watching and listening too all this chaos and havoc thats been plaguing our country and have one simple question What the .... is wrong with you people?I thought CNN would be a perfect place to grasp the concept of this war but all the talk about is Lindsey Lohan going to rehab,Britney Spears going crazy,and Paris Hilton strange but quite humorous behavior.I've been anxiously awaiting the election hoping to here someone say they will end this pointless war.But instead i'm hearing our troops won't be coming home for another year almost.I know you guys probably hear rants like this time and time again but just please listen to a voice speaking from a less than productive generation.I'm just tired of hearing little girls being raped,pregnant mothers being murdered,babies being killed.I say God's name written almost everywhere but it seems no one is payiny attention the lord's wishes anymore.I'm not blaming President Bush for our troubles anymore he thought he was doing the right thing iI can't get mad at him we all make mistakes probably not of this magnitude but we just got to deal with it.Barack Obama hopefully brings a what we need to the white house maybe Hillary have what it takes maybe even Ron Paul but we can't beat evil with evil.

  2. edit correct spelling

    Obama is the best candidate because his understand what is going on in the white house and know the problems of common men in America. i believe he is the people's candidate. peace and unity.
    I love Obama

  3. Obama is great, but Senator Clinton is greater and she has my full support.

  4. I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about experience? What's experience got to do with it - nobody ever had experience being President. I think both Barck and Hillary are both excellent choices for President. Experience has been in the White House for many years now, if we consider the Bush dynasty and the Kennedy dynasty and the Clinton Dynasty. What has come of it? The world is in a mess now with so called experience.

    I am sick and tired ot hearing about those actresses and their so called problems - what about the world problems - don't want to hear anymore about Anna-Nicole's baby - taking a baby to the cemetery to grieve over her mother - a mother she can't even remember - what's a baby know of death and cemeteries? What ever happens to the vast amounts of money taken up to feed the poor children aroung the world? Why are they still begging?

    To ge back to the election - Barck and Hillary should run on the same ticket - one for President and one for Vice-President - then that would be a real change for the good!

  5. Obama is the hot stuff.

  6. just let it flow

  7. Bad Commentators

    What is wrong with the American Media? In this day and age where people move freely between nations and the world is a smaller place be it with all these problems, why is there such a big deal about Obama running for presidency. Is he not an American? is he not educated at one of the best American institutions? is he not an able senator? So why is it that when he stands as a party nominee all the press can focus on about his candidacy is about his race. Is America destined only for the white Americans and white Americans only to rule America? I have been listening to all the commentaries on the news media especially in the western press and the under tones of racism is INSTITUTIONILSED in the very people who front these news media. All they do is fan the flames of racism. Just paly back all the commentaries made on CNN and the BBC and see how Obama is potrayed as inexperienced and taking America backwards (this phrase was used by Hilary Clinton in one of her TV appearances ) supposedly because Obama was whipping her at the polls. If America is a serious Democracy then shouldn't the press be nuturing oneness and Americanness instead of fear and divison? Your comments please very welcome

  8. On January 20, 5 days after my birthday I could breath again. The whole in my soul felt mended after I saw A beautiful couple show the world LOVE OPENLY we as a people needed that.I always have had faith that show of love made it stronger.The love for there children sewed it together We can BREATH AGAIN.

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