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Career Magazine

Career Magazine is a great place for information and career resources. However, the website has a low ranking and has me questioning just how much traffic does the website really have? I believe in the future, once the web site grows in seekers (job seekers & employers) this could be an excellence source for both. Career Resource Center looks and feels too commercial and non-personal but the reading could be a nice distraction during a slow period. Cartoon of the Day is cute and will provide you with a smile, while some of the other pay per click links may turn you off. Worth a look to see if it is something you want to invest your time in.

Civic Ventures

A resource and non profit organization that assist Over 55 professionals find work or help them in their current work or business. The web site lists impressive credentials and worth while programs that look very promising.

Dream Job Coaching

Joel Garfinkle says he will help you find what you really want in a job and for a job. Joel Garfinkle is the founder of Dream Job Coaching and as his site proclaims, he has been recognized as one of the top 50 coaches in North America and seen on television for his work. The articles are interesting but very much geared towards the Self Help format. The profile for Joel Garfinkle looks impressive and the list of his clients includes Microsoft, Google, Bank of America, Starbucks and Procter & Gamble. If Self Help works for you or if you are interested in possibly working with a Career Coach, Dream Job Coaching looks like the real deal.


Indeed is a meta (spidering)job search site that pulls job postings from more than 500 other web sites (per website claims). This includes the major job boards, newspapers, professional associations and company websites. Job hunters can search for job listings by title, keywords, company and location which is all pretty standard. Worth trying.

The American Planning Association

While The American Planning Association is a nonprofit public interest / research organization and has some great resources available online for free, the job search function is very limited and can be difficult to use if your looking for specific types of jobs. I put this website in the Worth Mentioning category because it does have some very interesting reading available.


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