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(This is NOT advice or counsel from a certified and or medical expert or naturopathic. All information was found online or is from my personal experience and a doctor/naturopathic should be consulted for all medical questions and concerns.)

Women's Health & Medicine

Part 1 of 2 (Part 2Men's Health & Medicine)

Girls and Boys are different and each have they're own set of instructions and care.

New research has uncovered some less obvious differences between us bois and gurls, specifically, our responses to medicine. Men and women have variations in every organ of the body. For example, our livers produce different versions of enzymes (the chemicals that break down medication), which affects the way we process medicine. Here are some crucial medicine information to help you avoid getting treated like one of the boys. If you are anything like me, this is a good thing. In my personal opinion though, medicines should always be a last or only resort.

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Acetaminophen aka Tylenol

A woman's liver takes longer to process this pain reliever found in many over the counter medicines, making liver damage and overdoses more likely. Try to restrict your ingestion to four 325-mg tablets or fewer a day. Personally, I won't take more than three if I can help it and never on a regular basis unless I've hurt my back (back injury), than it's only temporary short term basis. Check labels for acetaminophen on all over the counter meds and ask a Pharmacist if you have any concerns.


Women's brain cells have more receptors that bind with the feel good chemicals, so we're more sensitive to its mood-boosting effects. If you worry you may be depressed, ask your doctor about available medicines such as Paxil or Prozac and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (also called SSRIs). SSRIs are a class of antidepressant drugs that help to increase serotonin, a chemical responsible for communication between nerves in the brain. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) such as Marplan and Nardil (according to online research) don't target serotonin as effectively . The key to choosing any medication is an honest, no embarrassment Q & A with your doctor. There are also natural herbal methods that some people prefer over medicines.

Benzodiazepines: A class of medications often prescribed for sleep problems.

Women's liver enzymes process this class of tranquilizers more quickly than men's, so the medicines don't stay in our systems as long. If you feel that a prescription sedative, such as Klonopin, Valium, or Xanax, isn't working for you, tell your doctor. You may need a different or more frequent dose. And ask if an antidepressant might work even better. There are also natural herbal methods that some people prefer over medicines.

Erythromycin: A antibiotic; toxic to nitrifying bacteria.

High levels of erythromycin, used to treat bacterial infections like bronchitis and strep, can cause irregular heartbeats. Since a woman's heart normally takes a fraction of a second longer to return to rest between beats, further disruption can be life-threatening. Ask your doctor whether another antibiotic that doesn't affect heart rhythms would be safer. There are also natural herbal methods that some people prefer over medicines.

Prednisolone: Synthetic corticosteroid drug which is usually taken orally and can be used for a large number of different conditions.

This is a steroid treatment that I use from time to time for my Asthma. It's less effective when progesterone levels (a female steroid hormone secreted by the ovary) are high, because the hormone speeds the absorption of the drug. As a result, Prednisolone exits your system faster and leaves you more vulnerable to attacks. I've done Prednisolone research and in my opinion (I'm not a doctor), you should only use Prednisolone in times when your asthma is really bad. Google research says Prednisolone is also used in the treatment of blood cell cancers (leukemias), and lymph gland cancers (lymphomas).

Discuss other medicines with your doctor. Sometimes the Pill can regulate progesterone levels or a different steroid may work. You can also ask your doctor about increasing Prednisolone when you're premenstrual.

As always, communication is the key to your health.

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