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Why Teenagers Are Looking At Online Colleges

Why Teenagers Are Looking At Online Colleges

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Why Teenagers & Young Adults Are Looking At Online Colleges

"Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in."
Leonardo da Vinci

Many students have said that taking a course online actually is more challenging than a traditional method which means online colleges are attracting more serious career minded students. Logging in regularly to complete your assignments can require more daily discipline than the traditional class in which the workload is often grouped around tests and writing assignments. In a physical location class room you can not inaudibly hide in the back of the room when you have not done the assigned reading.

There are essentially two types of online college classes.

Asynchronous is the name techies have given the classes where there are not really any scheduled classes. The professor sets particular deadlines for assignments and tests, but you work your own way through them-anytime of day or night, so long as you get them in when they are due.

The other type is called synchronous. Both the students and the professor log in to websites at regular, preset times for online chats about the subject matter.

Here are 5 good reasons for a teen / young adult to consider an online college.

1) Availability

Online college degrees come in a variety of packages designed for students. Many teens and young adults do not want to have to move out of the state. The costs of apartments, dorm rooms, living expenses as well as the allure of parting and a social life is expensive. The internet can bring a college degree into their home which in turns saves money for both the parent(s) and the student.

2) Convenience

Who does not love walking around in their pajamas first thing in the morning or after work? While attending class you can wear your favorite pair of pajamas and no one is going to gawk at your South park pajamas. More important than pajamas is the fact that online colleges give more options as to when you study and attend classes.

3) Financial

Online colleges can cost as much as traditional degrees without the living and social costs.

4) Flexibility

College can be a bucket of freezing cold water of reality to a lot of teenagers and if their not prepared they could feel like they failed and never return. Online colleges allow teenagers and young adults to take courses at their own pace.

5) Ability to work and or volunteer

Teenagers and young adults can work either a part time or full time job while attending classes. In addition, a lot of surveys are attributing career related volunteer work as a primary stepping stone to a successful career after college. A student can manage working a part time job with a part time volunteer position and go to college with less stress.


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