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Where Are Your New Years Eve Party Plans?

Something different and unique!

The world's biggest collective party is New Year's Eve. It starts in Sydney, Australia and travels time zone by time zone around the globe like a well-coordinated pre-planned pyrotechnic explosion. It's the only time when (most) nations, religions, festivals and other regional or local events cease to become a factor. Pretty much everyone and everyplace around the world recognizes the New Year with some type of merriment. Because of the scale of the night, one eternal question burns: Where is the BEST place to spend this momentous occasion?

My one bit of advice: If you're gong to drink, drink but get a hotel room and don't drive!

Los Angeles

85 mini cities make up Los Angeles and every mini city each has they're own parties, both official and no official. Every bar, dance club, casino and naughty places have something going on. As me, I like something different and unique and I want this year to be sure thing! So, I chose a DJ (& Promoter) that I know spins the best of Alternative music. Click on the picture to buy tickets. Alice in Wonderland, Hookahs, and 5 kinds of Absinthe, Oh My!

NOTE: Location suggstions were found on a varity online sources

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New Orleans.

It's got the atmosphere, the party attitude and the energy. New Orleans New Year's is especially crazy. Going up and down Bourbon Street is the way to gol but at midnight make sure to be at the ball drop in Jackson Square.

Top Tip: Stick to the same color of drink. In the French Quarter, there are a rainbow selection of colored cocktails - blue, red, green, etc. The key to avoiding a terrible ending to the night is to pick a color and stay with it.


One of the world's most beautiful cities attracts people from throughout Europe. Prague is an awesome place to play anytime and on the New Year's Eve it literally explodes because the Czechs just love fireworks!


Party on the water, party on the bridge or party in a pub. The first major city to celebrate the coming of the New Year is also one of the best. The fireworks end at 12:15 but the celebrations last until dawn.

Top Tip: Wear black. That's the wardrobe color of choice for social Sydneysiders.

Las Vegas

What better place to ring in the New Year than the party capital of the world? New Year's Eve and Las Vegas are as natural party partners as tequila and lime juice. People pour out from the casinos onto the streets. There's two choices for where to spend the moment, the Strip and downtown at the Fremont Experience. Each has a fireworks show. The Strip has the younger and single crowd while downtown is mostly has the late 30s and beyond and couples. The Strip is incredibly crowded in the main area in front of Caesars with people gathering as early as 8 p.m. The fireworks run down the hotels from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere. This is preceded by a three-minute warm-up show featuring the firing of shells off participating Strip hotels. It's called America's Party New Year's Eve.

Tokyo, Japan

A stark contrast to glitzy Vegas, millions of Japanese travel to the shrines and temples to meditate and make a "hatsumode" prayer. A hatsumode prayer is the first prayer of the new year. Long before midnight people line up for the chance to be the first ones to pray and give offerings of money just after the stroke of midnight.

Whistler, B.C Canada

It's New Year's Eve in the snow in the Canadian Rockies. First Night 2007 will be more crowded than a warming hut at lunchtime and the Village will be buzzing.

Rio, Brazil

It's summer in Brazil which means beaches, beauties and steamy nightlife! Now imagin New Years Eve? House parties give way to massive celebrations on the beaches - 5 million people in all. At Copacabana Beach alone, 2 1/2 million gather on the sand and in the roads, which are closed to traffic. Copacabana is illuminated by thousands of candles as Christian and Afro-Brazilian religions mix and make promises for the new year.


What could be more cool than fireworks over Waikiki Beach? There are dozens of professional shows here as well as in Palolo Valley, Pauoa Valley and Kalihi Valley.

New York City

The most famous and recognized celebration in the world! Christina Aguilera is set to ring in 2007 with a live performance in Times Square in New York City and than moving over to the Hudson Hotel for more swinging and teasing.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Hogmany three-day party starts on 12/29 with 100,000 people jamming Old Town. Edinburgh is a fantastic city to visit at any time and the city really comes alive for the Hogmanay. What does Hogmanay actually mean? Hogmanay (pronounced - with the main stress on the last syllable) is the Scots word for the celebration of the New Year in the Scottish manner. An integral part of the Hogmanay partying, is to welcome friends and strangers, with warm hospitality and of course a kiss to wish everyone a Guid New Year. The underlying belief is to clear out the vestiges of the old year, have a clean break and welcome in a young, New Year on a happy note.

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Start the new year with a (almost) clean start!

Chicago, Illinois

For those who love the snow and cold... This year brings the 8th annual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim. Bring two towels and meet on the beach near the boat house at North Avenue Beach in Lake Michigan. I don't know if this makes the water any more comfortable, but the event is scheduled for 12 Noon on Jan. 1st 2007.

Annual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swims in other cities:

Vancouver, BC Canada»»

Seattle, WA»»

Boston, MA»»

El Paso, Texas»»

You may have to do a bit of searching, but there are definitely other crazies I mean swimmers who will be taking the plunge on the first day of the New Year. However, I will not be one of them though.

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