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When you're trying to decide what kind of artist to be you have to consider what it is you love to do. Or maybe your great at art but you donít know what kind of career you can do that is both careers oriented as well as artistic. Below is a summary of careers available for artists. This is only a short list so let your imagination consider the below possibilities and make your own career if it is not listed below.


Animator who creates models of or draws characters and objects in a sequence of different positions to give the illusion of movement. They synchronise lip movements with words, and actions with music and sound effects.

Art Therapist

Art therapy is a form of emotional therapy that uses art, such painting, chalk and clay to help and improve an individualís mental health.


A cosmetologist provides appearance enhancing services such as manicures, hair cutting, styling and makeup. Cosmetologists often specialize in specific areas such as hair coloring, cultural hair styles or make up application.

Culinary Artist

Part of the art in culinary design is menu planning, matching the food to the occasion, structure and general atmosphere, which reflects the chef's artistic imagination and passion.

Custom Auto Body Artist

Auto body technicians are the artists of cars. Often they are crafters who turn dented, battered and rusted wrecks back to life with a new style, form, and color.

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandising combines a creative fashion sensibility with good business skills.

Film / Video Artists

They create a variety of art projects that can include video for web pages and commercial productions. Some multimedia positions include CD-ROM authoring and production, 3-D modeling and animation.


Photographers concentrate their skills on specializing in a variety of areas or just one or two areas such as portrait photography, commercial photography, scientific photography, or photojournalism.

Tattoo Artists

A tattoo artist designs and create artwork that is than turned into body art that will be tattooed on people's body.

Urban Planner

Urban planners are best known to work for the city and making the decisions and coordinating how city land will be developed.


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