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What Cardiovascular Technologist Do

What Cardiovascular Technologist Do

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What Does A Cardiovascular Technologist Do?

Dialysis patients with kidney diseases or failure can spend several hours a week hooked up to a dialysis machine. Dialysis technicians, also called renal technicians, hemodialysis technicians and nephrology technicians assist dialysis patients with the regular visits. Dialysis Technicians record the patient's vital signs, weight, and temperature and operate the dialysis machines in hospitals, clinics, and patient's homes.

When kidneys fail, waste builds up in the body, causing serious illness and eventually death. People who suffer from kidney failure have two options to help them survive: kidney dialysis or transplant. During dialysis, blood is circulated outside the body, cleaned by a dialysis machine, and returned to the body. This process lasts several hours and must be repeated often. Most patients hope dialysis is only temporary until they can get a kidney transplant. But because finding a suitable organ donor can be very difficult, many patients, sadly, rely on dialysis almost their entire lives.

During dialysis, technicians monitor both the patient and the machine and alert the supervising nurse or doctor to any problems. When the dialysis is finished, technicians bandage the puncture location and once again measure vital signs. Dialysis technicians than prepare a brief report for the patient's medical files, clean and sterilize the machine and set it up for the next patient.

While technical skill is important for the role as a dialysis technician, so too are people skills. Technicians should be able to make dialysis patients feel relaxed and comfortable with the process. They should be able to lift the spirits of patients having a bad day and sympathize with the frustration and physical discomfort that many kidney patients feel. The best technicians are a bright lights in the lives of dialysis patients.

Since most patients who get dialysis do so regularly, dialysis technicians often form bonds with patients. These relationships can be very rewarding, as can be seeing tired, depleted patients walk out of a dialysis feeling bouncy and ready to go again.

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