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Web designers are responsible for everything from designing a website's "look and feel" to incorporating features such as ecommerce, online community, search engine optimization, animations, interactive applications, and advertising hosting into the site...all while ensuring that the site's design is optimized for the specific technologies supporting it.

Types of Web Designers:

  • Information Architect
  • Multimedia Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Website Architect

Average Annual Salary for Web Designing:

Salary will depend on the type of employment. Website Designers can work as independent contractors, part time or full time employees. The salary will also depend on how extensive a web designer's knowledge is the needs of an employer. Web Designers with animation experience and or Search Engine Optimization experience will earn more.

Completion of A Web Design Program

The internet is constantly evolving. New technologies, techniques, and design standards are developed on a daily basis to make websites more functional and user friendly. If Web Design interests you, you must commit yourself to learning new skills on a fairly ongoing basis.

Future Outlook for Web Designers:

There is definitely competition within web design which can make it difficult for entry level designers to get experience. However, web designers with animation experience and or Search Engine Optimization experience will have a more opportunities for employment. Demand for web professionals both in the back end and at the front end continues to increase as companies continually try to make their websites valuable to both existing and new customers.


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