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Visumes, The New Trend Of Video Resumes

Visumes, The New Trend Of Video Resumes

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Video resumes is growing trend among career tools that is helping people get their foot in the prospective employer door. They may not be for everyone but they do indeed create a new time saving element in the job search process in evaluating potential applicants. While the video resume definitely presents some star spotlight, can the video resume do more harm than good?

Why A Video Resume?

Employers receive several resumes and sometimes more than a hundred for just one position. Visumes (the name for video resumes) are piquing the curiosity of employers and recruiters as a way to reduce the amount of time spent in applicant searching. Informal research studies claim that the majority of those questioned in studies replied that they would look at a video résumé if given the opportunity.

On the surface, it's easy to see how the unique plan can ‘up the ante’ over a paper resume. Early adapters started the wave by posting videos directly to websites such as YouTube and MySpace. Several career sites are offering video resumes hosting while companies are hosting both employers' and job seekers' videos. Employers are more likely to view a short one to two minute clip rather than download an attachment or scan through hundreds of emailed resumes that all start to look and read the same.

Why Not A Video Resume?

While a video marketing career tool can gain you an interview, it also has some potential pitfalls.

As far as society has progressed, there are still lingering poisons that can make a project, an employer or even an entire industry look bad. For example, if two candidates have equal experience and skills but one candidate is “obese” while the other candidate is a generally healthy proportionate size, research claims that the less weighing candidate will be more favorably considered. A video resume may increase this disadvantage.

It may sounds trivial, but it is not impossible. Studies have shown that ‘average-looking’ people earn three percent to eight percent less than those considered ‘above good-looking’. Hiring Managers are trained not to inquire about race, age, religion or disability, but suppose a woman claims she wasn't invited for an interview because her video shows she is overweight or simply because she is a women? This presents a new potential legal danger zone for employers.

First Impressions Are Usually Best

On the other hand career seekers are continually looking to stand out from the pack. Today's job seekers need to be both photogenic and telegenic for everything from basic blogs to podcasts. In addition, today’s generation of teens are much more proficient with videos and editing than they are with paper and writing. In the video resume candidates have a chance to make a good first impression without the stress of a first meeting. They can re-record the first impression as many times as needed to ensure that the candidate looks and sounds perfect.

Because of the need to present the best one to two minute video resume, new companies are now offering to tutor people in presentation skills for making the perfect Visual resume to provide potential employers.

What is a Video Resume?

So what exactly is a video resume? It's a short self-promotional made in hope of enticing an employer to take a look at your paper or emailed resumes. Similar to a short trailer for a movie but much less dramatic, it provides brief and to the point highlights to why an employer should interview you. It should remain professional, precise, well thought out and organized.

As video resumes gain more attention and as editing capabilities improve, I suspect job seekers will utilize video resumes in a way that could decrease the chances of discrimination. Only time will tell how accepted the new resume might be and I believe some industries will be more open to the format than others.

The first caution in creating a video resume is to educate yourself so that you can produce a quality resume that puts a shine on your career. Keep in mind that your video resume may and probably will be easily viewed by thousands of people across the world. So put your interview game face on for the camera. Just as you would ask for someone to critic your paper resume, ask others and specifically professional “others” to critic your video resume.


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