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A large majority of video game enthusiasts want two things: 1) to get their hands on the next game (or console) of the month, and 2) to experience the sweet success of being paid to test video games. With all the excitement of gaming consoles such as PS3, GameCube and Wii, it's no surprise video game testing lures today's video game daydreamers. Here is a look at some of the types of video game testing jobs one might consider looking for.

Blogger Video Game Tester

Video game testerPeople search the Web for information and reviews about the latest game releases, so some smart gamers are filling that demand by putting up their own Web sites and blogs to promote their reviews as they play.

Many reviews, Web sites and blogs include tips, screenshots and game accessory updates. By adding sponsored ads and other advertising banners, Blogger Video Game Testers create their own video game testing businesses that make money every day - just by playing games and telling others about them.

Where to find these jobs

Since most bloggers start out on their own, you can start doing this at home in your spare time. It doesn't take much to buy a Web domain, choose a site layout and begin playing and reviewing games. You can promote your blog through social media such as Digg, Delicious and Reddit. An email link can allow potential advertisers to contact you, and you're off.

Freelance Video Game Tester

Some gamers have the experience and motivation to help them take their game testing ambitions to the next level. These gamers actively seek out companies that produce games, and offer to test their upcoming releases for bugs, playability and other issues.

This type of work pays well and requires the video game tester to be able to communicate and write clearly. The tester must be able to communicate his/her thoughts regarding why a specific aspect of a game is good or bad.

Freelance video game testers are expected to play unreleased games and provide written feedback as instructed by the developer, and return the information within a specified time frame. However, they are also expected to keep their mouths shut. Confidentiality is one of the biggest concerns for video game makers. They must be sure the video game testers they hire are not only video game enthusiasts, but professionals who will not reveal any unreleased game information.

Where to find these jobs

Web sites like have job listings from companies looking to hire freelance video game bloggers. Create a good resume and send it out to a few of those companies for a shot at a dream job.

Full-Time Company Game Tester

This is the nirvana of video game testing. It is possible to be hired by large game developers for a full-time game testing position, but they are very difficult positions to get. They require a high level of communication and writing ability, plus plenty of experience and a variety of skills and attributes.

The job can offer high-paying, secure, full-time work doing what you enjoy most - gaming! On the other hand, you may spend 40 hours a week playing the same game over and over, and much of your time will be spent recording multiple reports on factors such as game strategies, functionality, maneuvering, errors and character design.

Many gamers build up the experience needed to get these types of positions by working as freelance video game testers until they've built up a solid resume of completed assignments. A bit of time spent sharpening up your writing skills, combined with your interest in gaming and a desire to share your knowledge with others can easily add up to a great job.

Where to find these jobs

The best way to find full-time employment as a video game tester is by applying directly to major gaming developers. Companies like Blizzard Entertainment and EA Games have job boards on their Web sites where you can submit a resume. Of course, most of these companies will require quite a long wait for an opening to come up, as video game testing is a highly popular job. However, if you have accumulated some experience and can present yourself well, some patience and persistance with these companies will ultimately pay off.

More information

More information about video game testing jobs can be found at the sites mentioned in this article:

Blizzard Entertainment

EA Games

Interested in Game Design?

A strong education in fields like graphic design and programming can lead to careers in game design, UI conceptualization and computer graphics, among other areas.

Find a Graphic Design College Near You

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  1. i think your absolutly correct

    the game industry is in high demand and there is much experience required that can be gained in freelance and other job opportunities i am offering a job for a high end position offering a salary of $35,000 please send me resumes and/or games designed and i will get backto you

  2. re: Video Game Tester

    Good info. I've suggested some of these ideas as a good way to get your feet wet in the industry in some of my own articles.

  3. Jeff Smith

    I'm breaking in. Where can I send you a resume?


    Career Opportunities is the place to start your career path but Career Opportunities does not offer career positions through or for Career Opportunities. The web site offers a unique and individual perspective at different careers, education and work place activities. Career Opportunity's hope is that you will receive excellent detailed career descriptions, references, how-to guides, interviews and articles that will help you in your current career or help prepare you for a new career.


    ok im a kid looking at this and i want to be a game devolper or a game tester so i play the xbox 360 and
    the best game is Gears Of War it is absooultley amazing they need more games like that

  6. A Game Tester is someone who ensures a game has no or minimal errors
    A Game Developer is someone who helps to develop a new video game (or new version) from scratch or from the first version.

    Testers must carefully note any errors they uncover. Most Game testers get their start working for free in public or invitation only game testing. From there game testers build a solid reputation until they have established enough experience to be hired by a company needing game testers on a regular or temporary basis.

    Both positions need education. A game tester does not need as much training as a game developer but they do need to know have an opinion or suggestion as to why a game error may have occurred. A game developer is a complex and detailed career. Those who would like to developer new or advance current video games need college education in game development.

  7. Just Trying To Get My Foot In The Door

    I've been looking into game testing for some time now and have come up with nothing. I've been playing all my life and it seems to be a perfect fit for me. Is there anyone who could help me find a freelance tester job.


  8. need to get a job with game development or game testing

    ive been playing games since i can remember and ive always wanted to get a job in the game industry. the only problem is i dont have the education that most jobs are asking for but i have tons of knowledge on different games and have even spent my free time trying to find glitches and little things that can be fixed with certain games. example in tom clancy's splinter cell they count hats as armour so even if you shoot them in the head while theyre wearing one it wont kill them. if theyre is any jobs that have to do with gaming id love to hear about it. i keep looking for jobs but its a little harder then i thought. i will hopefully be finishing my schooling as soon as i can so if you could get back to me id really appreciate it. thanks.

  9. It's Frustrating

    video Games are the only thing that I'm good at and the only thing that I really like to do. I have been scearching for months to find a job,I know that it isn't very long, but everything I come up with is some sort of site that offers to "hook me up" with the video game industry but I have to pay them, I'm not going to do something like this and get ripped off I just want to do what I love and work from home. Why is it so hard to get in to this industry? I think I would have more luck becoming an actress lol.

  10. Nobody wants to hire any of you. It'd be too much of a hassle to filter through all of your broken english. Learn to string words together into sentences, then maybe you'll be taken seriously.

  11. Twenty year old in between schools....looking for a freelance testing position.

    I am a twenty year old college student who is in between transitioning from schools right now. I have been playing games on consoles (on a daily basis)since the nintendo 64 and I have been playing PC games since my first computer, with internet in 1997. I have owned and played the original NES, SNES, Playstation 1 & 2, N64, xbox, and now the xbox 360. Currently, I have been playing the Xbox360 religiously since May 06' and I would love to get into game testing. If there are any developers out there looking for a freelance tester please contact me through xbox live, this site or my email. Also, If you would like to add/view my Gamer Card: Fatal Fury 87.In addition, I am a high school graduate and I have two years University education under my belt. Please contact me for additional information.

  12. want to get a game testing job

    I have been searching for game testing jobs and all i find is the guides that dont really help alot. I need to get a part time job since im going to college for game art and design i thought i would get a game testing job also because its what i love and im very good at it. If anyone can help me get a game testing job for ps3 i would really be greatful. Please get ahold of me on my email adress at

  13. I love Video games, and am looking for a freelance testing job.

    I absolutley love playing video games and I've always thought it would be the coolest thing to test games. I don't really have a lot of education in this field, although I am currently majoring in computer science. I have many consoles to(P.S.2, Xbox 360, nintendo wii,etc...)So I have a lot of experience playing many types of games. So if you could help me out and contact me with imformation about possible jobs that would be awesome

  14. Hello my name is Rikki
    i have been playing games sence i coould and have never found any thing more interesting. i wooould like to become a game tester. i have no problem with writing specific notes down about the games why its good why its bad and all the glitches i have foung i have not posted any videos of cheats/ and never will. i just want to do what i love most. so if any one would like to helpp me out i woould be very greatfull. if any one could give me some tips or would be willing to gave me a jobe my e-Mail is thanks and bye

  15. One of the easiest jobs ever, yet one of the hardest to actually get into!!!

    You know, most middle aged adults think that if you just play video games all your life that you are just going to end up wasting your life away in front of the tele. Not many of them know that a career such as game testing even exists, or at least my mom and all af her friends don't. Now, I may only be 17 years old, but that doesnt mean that I don't have what it takes to go out into the world and do what I love to do and get paid fairly well for it. I mean seriously, what is it with parents and not understanding the entire background behind ALL of the video-gaming industry? Also, why is it that they think that just because somebody is still a teenager, that they can't get a good paying job and get far in it while they are still young? As most of you can probably tell, I've had my own struggles with my mom trying to explain to her that playing video games for the rest of my life can actually be a good thing. You can also probably tell by now that i have been playing video games for quite a while. Since I was three years old to be exact. It Started with the game boy pocket and went on from there. Oops. Got to go to class now. I'll continue later. Bye.

  16. Freelance job for game testing

    any companies looking for testers?experienced in ps2,xbox,online games me.thanks

  17. Looking for employer in game industry

    Im currently enrolled in tallahassee community college and am looking for a part time job in the gaming industry. Im looking for these jobs in particular for experience because im currently studing for a degree in game development. I can be contacted at I hope to hear back soon any postion is acceptable, thanks.

  18. Game Testers Needed - TA-1 and TA-2 Positions - Redmond, WA

    TA-1 and TA-2 Game Testers Needed!

    Your Primary Responsibilities include:

    * Executing test plans and test cases as directed.
    * Detecting gaming anomalies and describing how they manifest themselves in the game environment.
    * Detecting audio anomalies that are unique to the gaming console industry.
    * Providing clear verbal and written communication of issues that are found.
    * Following directions provided by Supervisors.

    To be considered for this position you must:

    * be passionate about playing video games
    * be legally eligible to work for any employer in the US
    * be living in the greater Seattle area
    * be 18 years of age or older
    * be willing to play video games for 8 hours a day and get PAID for it!

    If that sounded like YOU, then read on to see if you can qualify to test these cool video games!

    About Our Client:
    The Software Giant, a well known Software Development Manufacturer, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is committed to the long term mission of helping their customers realize their full potential. They are motivated and inspired every day by how their customers use their software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas and stay connected to what's most important to them.

    This is an estimated 3-6 month contract position through Volt Technical Resources - a division of a Fortune 1000 publicly traded Staffing Industry Leader, which is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. We are among the largest IT staffing companies in the US for contract/temporary and direct hire placements and support most of the top rated IT companies in the Pacific Northwest.

    Job Requirements for these TA-1 and TA-2 Game Testers include the following:

    * 6+ months professional software testing experience
    * Extensive game playing experience on the PC and/or console
    * Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    * Ability to work in a team environment
    * Experience with game testing
    * Enjoys all genre games
    * Bonus Skill for us: You are a GAMER!

    Please email your resume to Volt at: REDMONDGAMETEST@VOLT.COM and it will be expedited to the Recruiter assigned to this position, to readily discuss this job with you!
    Please reference in the subject line: Game Testers Needed - TA-1 and TA-2 Positions

    Our Recruiter will initiate a phone call to you and give you immediate consideration should your resume meet the job requirements. Please rest assured that if your resume matches what is reflected in this job posting, you should be receiving a phone call from a Volt Recruiter to discuss this position with you.

    Volt has a talented and upbeat staffing team focused on the quality of your career.

    Volt is a world leader in the staffing industry, boasting over 50 years of experience. We work with many of the Fortune 500 and 1000 companies to provide workforce solutions. We offer many direct hire full-time positions as well as many contract positions and offer our contractors competitive pay and benefits, as well as education programs and re-deployment assistance.

    Volt Information Sciences, Inc. is our parent company and is a publicly owned corporation. Stock is traded over-the-counter and is quoted on the NYSE. To learn more about Volt Information Sciences, please visit: and to see more of our job postings, please visit:

    Volt is an Equal Opportunity Employer and
    is dedicated to fostering diversity in the workplace.

  19. Current employee of a Game Testing company, looking for career opportunities

    Greetings. My name is Borconi Teofil and I am currently working for a Romanian game testing company. While not a citizen of the United States, I have been looking for job opportunities abroad for quite some time and would be willing to apply for a job as a game tester in any area of the United States. I'm twenty years old, I possess an extensive experience in the gaming field, I have been working on important projects (such as Gothic 3 Add-on) as a full-time employee, and I have been perfecting my English knowledge for the last few years. If anyone could provide information on how I could start a career as a game tester in the US, it would be highly appreciated. I can be contacted on my e-mail adress:

    Best regards,
    Borconi Teofil,

  20. Finding game testing jobs in the U.S.

    Finding game testing opportunities in the U.S. can be a challenge if you live outside the country, but the Internet is the best way to connect to those employers you can't meet in person.

    First, video game and game testing community sites like offer resources and job directories for eager job hunters. A Web search for "video game tester" or "video game tester job" yields sites like this. (Watch out for sites that only promote two or three links - these are affiliate sites, and completely useless to most people.)

    Next, the corporate Web sites of video game production companies like EA and Valve often have their own job boards, where users can create an account and add their resume to the company's databases. Keep in mind that competition will be extremely tough, and it may be months (or years!) before you hear anything. If you keep your information up to date and keep building your resume, you're doing the right thing.

    Good communication skills are a huge asset; you'd be surprised how many resumes and cover letters sound completely un-edited. Just keep your search going, and good luck.

  21. It is definatly not so good paid

    I am working close to 2 years as gametester now, and i think i should write a little about it.

    First of all the amount of people who are willing to work in this industry is enormous. The demand always set the price, so in generale the most tester dont get much money. For a simple tester the range of payment i would guess gets paid around 5-10 per hours before taxes (amounts are taken out of experiance and what i got told from other gametester).
    And it should not be forgotten to mention that quite often the companies pay much less, for exsample closed betas, where your payment is pretty much that you can play the game before others XD

    It can be pretty much fun sometimes but in general a paid gametester, has totally no influance in what he has to test. It pretty much means that you can be stuck for weeks with a boaring board game port or some kind of enchanced tamagochi, where you stroke and feed your virtuale loved one day by day. Even the fun games get boring after you played over and over again. So the most of my friends in the industry dont name it playing anymore just testing... you can imagine why. In my case i lost pretty much lost after a 8 hours or more working day to play private. What actually normally you cant effort, because you have to stay up to day, about what is possibly and in what game they handle certain sitation better.

    You pretty work like in all jobs in the new media long and you have to be actually quite a workoholic. Pretty easy to understand the most projects have certain deadlines, marketing is running, contracs have to be kept or a project has to be testet before a presantation. If you are lucky and you are freelancer and you can effort it finacially you can take one or 2 projects breaks inbetween what makes the job much easier. I have worked for companies which were testing 7 days per week.

    Yes you can quite good make a career in this industry. You can specialize f. e. in guidlines every game has to forfill for sony, microsoft or nintendo. Also you can lead teams depends pretty much on the size of the company.
    Also it is a good way to get your foot in the industry, it is possible to change deparments, if education and traing is given, f.e. to producing or productmanagment.

    What you need:
    Definitly a feeling for deatails. You should be also able to think yourself into other players and never run out of ideas what you can might try. Good language skills in your native language is definitly required, but depends on the focus of the departments.

    How you work.
    Sometimes form the beginnig of the game to the end where you take actually the game totally into pices, i have never met a game no matter how confident the programmers are or even already final games where wasnt a bug. I personally belive there is not such a thing as a bugfree game.

    If you are working with a developer or testing form the beginning of the developing process it is pretty much testing milestone for milestone you ensure that the game is as good as possible, and that all exected functinallties are given. It is expected in some companies that you give also productive feedback.

    How you get your food into the door:
    There is alot of luck in it, you have to find a company who gives you a chance. This is definitly a growing industry, the most major cities have a few companies who are doing something in this eary. Some kind of developer or publisher you find always. The most people are just looking as first try directly to Blizzard or EA. But that is definitly the wrong step, Bilzzard f.e. is expacting already for a simple game-tester postion job expriance like the most major publisher do.

    Sorry my mind just went blank by now if there is an open question, i will try to answer it. Good luck for those who decided after all to work as Gametester. At the end it is one of the best works i have been in and i have done really alot till yet.

    I have done Pretty much everything till yet, online games, NDS, PS2, Xbox, Wii and PC. I have done both freelancer and employment.

    I left an intressting link about this subject.

  22. Do any video games pays for testing?

    LOL...none of these so-called video games testing sites pay anyone for testing. THIS IS A BIG LIE. All they want you to get is addicted to that game and enroll members to play and download these games for a fee. BEWARE: All game testings sites are cheaters.

  23. Name- Ryan Basilone

    Date- 911/08

    Education- Liberty High School

    Address- 1218 West Lehigh Street Apt 3

    City- Bethlehem

    State- Pennsylvania

    Age- 16

    Job in mind- I'd like to get a job in the video game industry as a partime QA tester from home, also known as an Alpha/Beta tester.

    Goals- I want to get a job as a video game tester from home. I do need to be paid, but a small amount will do. For starters, I only need 5 to 7 dollars an hour for the rest of my career if I'm hired. I want to get a chance to gain knowledge in my favorite industry. It is a good choice to hire me If you want someone who can produce more results in a lesser amount of time and money than a full time tester demanding more and more money and doesn't care if he's bleeding the company dry .

    Experience- l don't have a lot of experience in testing games. I've only tested one game called crunch time. It was a very long game that should be shortened. As far as playing games go, I'm the best. It really isn't about the gamerscore to me even though I know I can get all the acheivements in the games I play. I just want to play the game, write a report about it and get paid rather than being called lazy and a peice of garbage for playing games in the first place. It's really not about the money either. I would enjoy playing upcoming titles for the 360. Don't worry, I can keep a secret about the games. I forgot to mention that I've played almost every FPS title there is on Nintendo 64 and my 360. Call of Duty is my favorite FPS. Honestly, I think that the next COD should be in Vietnam or the future.


    Better than average hand/eye coordination.
    Familiar with most consoles including computers. I am also familiar with programs such as MS Word and Excel. As of now I only have MS Word.
    I am self motivated and have a strong work ethic.
    Hardcore gamer not looking for an easy at home job.
    I Can work with a team but I can do better independantly.
    I can speak and/or write the English language fluently.
    Can follow directions very well that are written and/or spoken.

    Other info- The only reason I want an at home job is because I don't live near any video game companies. Most companies don't respond back or, tell me there is no such thing as an at-home-tester. I know this can't be true so I can't give up. The best times to contact me are from 3:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. on weekdays. On the weekends you can contact me at any hour. If you need to contact me at any day of the week, my phone number is 610-807-9991. If you need my Email address It's

    Please at least Email me back if I don't get the job.

  24. Is this a scam

    is this a scam or wat cuz im looking for a job that all day you do is play video games ok

  25. Is there a video game tester job that requires my age in AR?

  26. i am game freak

    i am hardcore gamer since 5 years

  27. I need a job

    If anyone wants to hirer a game tester email me here

  28. I have been searching for game testing jobs. I would really like get a game testing job also because its what I love to do in my spare time and im very good at it. I have played video games since Atari. I have Nintendo Wii, Playstation, PSP, and Game Boy. I would really be greatful if anyone can help me get a game testing job. Please get a hold of me at my email adress at

  29. Looking for a game tester job

    If anyone needs a game tester plaes email me at

  30. Wanting game tester position

    To much free time on my hands and, my resume is ready for viewing on I'v been playing video games since I was five. Have more then enough experience to fit the criteria.

  31. way more difficult

    I've been playing video games since i was three from Nintindo's The Legend of Zelda to Sony's Final Fantasy, and ever sence then i have always wanted to become a Video Game Tester or a Video Game Designer. Seeing as how both are still jobs that are emerging and developing ive found that the job(s) i want has become way more difficult to hunt down and apply for. As i said i've been playing since i was three so i have tons of gameing experience and i know how to spot a glitch, etc. If you could please get back to me with some information on the job, requirements, ect. i would greatly appriciate it.

  32. i play about 50-70 hours of video games a week since about 3 years im hardcore and will like to take a job as a game tester talk to me at ""

  33. Aiming for a game testing job

    I absolutely love video games. I've been playing them since I was very little. My first gaming console was the NES and I've owned just about everything since then. I still have my NES (and it still works), still have my SNES, N46, I have a playstation and Playstation 2, the PS3 and PSP, an XBox (though in need of repairs after my brother "borrowed" it) and XBox 360, the Nintendo Wii as well as the Gameboy color and gameboy pocket, the gameboy advance and the less known game stystem, Virtual Boy.

    So I'm definitly up to getting a game tester job and definitly qualified. If anyone has any offers contact me at

  34. all they want is your money dont trust these sites!

  35. Video Game Tester

    Playing video games is my thing. I been playing for 13 years. Every game I have, I passed no one can beat me. I can tell if the games are good or no good. I love games that are realistic, makes it more fun. I don't mind playing all day.

  36. you guys all sound so desperate. get a real job. play your games. and shut up. if you want a job in this industry, go to school and learn. gosh you all sound retarded.

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