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Unusual Ways To Fund College And College Living

Unusual Ways To Fund College And College Living

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With rising tuition and parents worried about their forthcoming retirement, more students are required to pay more of their share of the college bills. College is an expensive investment but it is an investment that will pay off after graduation. The majority of students are not lucky enough to have a family that can afford to pay in full for their child's education. This means that the majority of students will have to find ways to finance their college education or living expenses while in college.

Some will have the opportunity to apply and receive college scholarships and even loans, but loans need to be paid back and scholarships pay only for the bare minimums of college expenses. This predicament leaves students stuck in a position of covering only the responsibilities of college and college living but not much else. So the ever-lingering question of how do you pay for the extra / unforeseen college related bills such as tutoring, additional college supplies and the stress reliever called 'a social life'?

It seems like there are more wannabe restaurant employees than there are jobs. Tutoring is also possible but can be infrequent and there is always competition. Stripping just isn't a good idea for too many reasons to be listed here. I searched the internet for unusual ways to fund college living and have listed some great ways to finance your extra college education needs. Various online posters responding to my survey question of how they are or how they financed their college living and or college expenses donated a large portion of the contributions.

"I picked up the odd $20 here and there in college by being a Stage Manager and by being what is called a Safety for a fire spinning troupe. Safeties are the people who hold wet towels for fire performers. I was also apprenticed to an historical costumer for one summer, during which I sewed hundreds of buttons onto Renaissance clothing."

Other odd and extra jobs included

  • Dog sitting
  • Washed glassware for the chemistry department ("I lasted about two weeks at that one")
  • Wrote for the alumni magazine.

          - Melissa

What others did:

"I was a resident advisor, philosophy tutor, other subject tutor as well as an Assistant to the Resident Directors. This included free housing, food and some spending money."

"The summer before I started college (& the first few months of college before the season ended) I worked at the Hollywood Bowl, an outdoor music venue in Hollywood, serving drinks and food. I made minimum wage but I had a ton of overtime and AMAZING tips; which definitely helped my first year in college and was really fun." - Live Journal

"I judge high school debate tournaments to earn money. Its easy work, takes up just the morning of a Saturday, and I earn $65. I love learning new things and I loved debate in high school. It gives me a chance to see what middle school kids and high school kids are capable of, and it allows me to actually have some spending money while I slave away to pay for tuition."

"I'm currently working full time at a deli on campus and selling my blood plasma."

"I go to the college dorms and apartments Saturday & Sunday mornings really early and collect all of the beer bottles and cans and than recycle them. I always make some nice spending money by spending a couple of hours doing this. One time I actually made over $100 from just one Sunday."

Yep, people really do respond to the unusual ads

Someone reported that a friend of theirs paid their way through grad school by being an egg donor.

"In the past I took part in a couple of psych experiments"

"Every year I'm an actor for the tourist attraction haunted house for Halloween and every Christmas I decorate and sell trees."

"I twirl a sign that advertises big sales that car and furniture companies have for every holiday or new sales gimmick."

"I already work a full time job after school so I take professional looking notes and sell them to other college students as extra income."

"I don't make a lot of money but while I'm studying I take phone psychic calls reading people's tarot cards on the phone and online."

"I do mascot gigs for companies for sales, corporate events, kid's parties and basically anyone who wants a mascot. I only have to work weekends and the hours are almost always during the day."

Websites to check out:

  • Frugal Living website
  • Back Door Jobs
  • Job Monkey
  • Life guard and other aquatic positions
  • Seasonal Jobs


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