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The History of University Of Phoenix

Here is part of a title I recently read: No school has exploited the Nets potential more than the University of Phoenix.

That is a pretty harsh statement. The article went on to affront one of the largest online colleges currently available. They have been criticized and have had nasty titles attributed to them such as Mc University. However the truth is that University Of Phoenix did what no other physical college and university could or would do. They offered adults of all ages the chance for a higher education while continuing to work a full time job. In my opinion what may irate the critics of U of P is that they offer the same quality education that a person can receive at any other college and receive a degree almost as quickly or as quickly as any other college student.

However, I previously wrote an article about online colleges and all of my research shows that students who attend an online college are more likely to take their education serious and take more responsibility for their educational gains than one who would attend a physical college.

Like any first rate business man Dr. John Sperling projected the growth of technological, economic, and population growth would require higher education. Dr. John Sperling and various associates conducted in person interviews and research in adult education. They found that the majority of colleges primary served only the students who were in the ages between 18 to 22 years old while working adults students were invisible to the business aspects of colleges and universities; which in turned treated these gallant students as 2nd class / not very important students.

Full time working adults bravely navigated through several obstacles such as consulting with their instructors and bookstores being closed after work hours. When an adult student needed anything educational in relation to their college needs they had to leave work during the day. The hardship resulted in many adults never completing their education or not completing it in less than 8 years.

The research conducted by Dr. John Sperling and his associates proved that working adults needed someone to recognize their hardship and dedication in obtaining a degree and a better way of life.

In 1976, Dr. John Sperling, a Cambridge educated economist and professor turned entrepreneur, founded University of Phoenix.

Dr. John Sperling pioneered new approaches to curricular and program design, teaching methods, and student services. He designed a college where instead of working against the working adult he made a system that works with them. He made it possible for any working adult to obtain a higher education.

University of Phoenix never stopped in the pursuit of that goal.

In 1989 University of Phoenix Online was born. They were recognized as the first US university to offer progressive college course work online, reaching out to even more working adults. For college dreaming working adults living no where near a University of Phoenix campus this was a new possibility of a better future and continues to do so.


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