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From now through to 2009 the federal government is hoping to hire almost 200,000 people according to a new study by a nonprofit group called the Partnership for Public Service. 

Government Job Growth

government job openingsWith the ongoing war and the aging of the workforce, nearly one-third of the government's 1.6 million full-time employees are expected to retire over the next few years. As they retire approximately 193,000 careers will become available, according to the report, which is based on a detailed survey of 34 agencies representing about 99% of the federal workforce.

Security and law-enforcement expect 62,863 security and law-enforcement openings and more than 83,000 careers are being added at agencies such as jobs at the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Other upcoming career availability will include 27,243 new border patrol agents, customs officer, immigration agents, food inspectors, criminal investigators, and airport screener positions.

Government Job Diversity

Not interested in law enforcement or security? The hiring lists also include approximately

  • 23,000 - Nurses and nursing assistants
  • 35,350 - physicians, pharmacists and physical therapists for public health positions
  • 2,462 - Biological scientists to address the threat of bioterrorism with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Homeland Security nearly 1,000 more.
  • 8,300 - Contracting experts at the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and other agencies.
  • 21,248 - Accountants, tax examiners, auditors, and budget and financial analysts to fill openings at the IRS, Treasury, and other agencies.
  • 11,562 - Information technology expert positions
  • 9,691 - Attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals for positions at the Treasury department and other similar agencies.
  • 15,004 - Air traffic controllers for positions at the Department of Transportation.

The "Partnership For Public Service" report says, "there are jobs for every interest and skill, with more than 2,000 separate job categories at 15 cabinet-level departments, 20 large agencies, and 80 small agencies."

Advantages of Uncle Sam

Roughly 86% of federal careers are located outside the D.C. area, and more than 50,000 are overseas. Cities with the greatest concentration of federal employees include:

Norfolk-Virginia Beach
San Diego
New York City
Salt Lake City
Oklahoma City
Los Angeles

Hiring and employment for the government can be prosperous, as the right candidates will be offered recruitment bonuses, retention incentives and relocation incentives. Some career positions will pay new hires' graduate-school tuition, and many could offer student-loan repayments up to $10,000 per year for a total of $60,000. However, new hires will be required to work for at least three years of government service prior to educational benefits. Currently the Department of Justice has been the leader in student loan repayments, having granted 3,073 repayments loans, which totals over $27 million.

How To Find A Government Job

Interested in being part of the wave of the future? You can find career openings at the Office of Personnel Management.

According to a web site designed by the Partnership for Public Service called Making A Difference applying to a government career can require a lot more detail than a private industry position. Making A Difference suggests that all interested candidates allow plenty of time to thoroughly complete the application and have your entire previous career and education experience at hand. They also suggest that applicants donít randomly send resumes to multiple available positions. Instead careful pick the positions that match your skills and experience.

After the application has been submitted, be patience since the wait could take months. However, donít give up hope, contact the personnel representative to learn the status of your application and the position posted.

If you've ever considered a career in public service, now may be your chance. "The job opportunities are there," says Max Stier, president of the Partnership for Public Service. "People just need to seize them."



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