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Jobs today can range anywhere from manual labor to rocket science. Knowing what is out there will dramatically help in determining your career direction.

Career Profiles

Each category below leads to a series of career profiles. Each profile offers you a general description of a job as it applies to most employers, including average salary figures and basic educational requirements.

Though the descriptions are informational only, many profiles are accompanied by live job listings.

Explore a category and uncover your future career path...

Extra Info

These extra pieces of information will help you navigate the career landscape, as well as show you some other employment options.

Categories of Employment - Some job-related terminology you might encounter, with definitions.

Apprenticeship Programs - An explanation of apprenticeship programs, or trading free work for on-the-job training and experience.

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Visit some of these career and education sites to see more detailed information about careers in Business, Medical Assisting, Automotive, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Paralegal, Court Reporting or Pharmacy Technician.

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