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There's more to being a truck driver than just driving and signing shipping forms. They must be demonstrate excellent performance and need to be adaptable to change. Truck drivers have several tasks to do in connection with driving and should always treat his truck as his partner on the road. Therefore, he / she should always check and monitor its condition before leaving the warehouse for a long drive.

S/he should see the oil level if it is enough for a long drive and monitor the various parts of the truck that are necessary for safe driving such as the tires, brakes and wipers. S/he should also be complete with safety equipment in case of emergency on the road.

Since the technology continues to advance and are now incorporated in truck driving a truck driver should be computer literate with business and interpersonal skills. These are the qualities that can bring you to your own truck and or trucking business.

Truck drivers are expected to be adaptable to new technologies, one responsibility of the driver is to learn this new adaptation in the trucking industry. The newest innovation in the industry is the satellites and positioning systems that allows the company to monitor their drivers in long distances and send information in an instant to the drivers especially when there is impending weather disturbances on the way.

The company can locate the truck's position anywhere, engine performance and fuel consumption.

Things To Know:

All drivers must always try to reach the daily driving goal of eleven hour days that hang as close to eleven hours as possible.

The hard thing about long-haul truck driving is not being able to stop for beautiful natural scenes.

Long-haul drivers are not home most of the time and this can be hard for drivers with families or relationships.

Drivers must watch minutes, times and they're driving logs very carefully.

With some companies, everything a driver does in his/her truck is tracked and recorded and matched to paper logs. They watch and record everything. Miles driven, Average speed, When and where a driver stops, how long the engine idles, Where a driver fuels up and when. All scale crossings are recorded. If a driver is driving in a 75mph zone and driving going down a hill at 75mph, that's an over speed, most companies want drivers to go under the speeding limit. Too much Overspeed and a driver can get a call from the employer, which could result in a violation.

Some companies don't care what you put on your logs and don't track very much, but other companies go by the book.

The trucking industry only employs over 3 million commercial truck drivers, approximately 160,000 to 200,000 short of what it currently needs. The long haul sector is the major hit in the shortage. Freights are hauled in long distances making drivers away most of the time from home like six to eight weeks. Thus, this is the primary suspect why there is a shortage - the lifestyle of a long haul truck driver.

However, some long haul routes don't include weekends and there is always the option of short and local driving routes. Though are harder to obtain for those new to the career. The average experienced pay is $50,000 to $ 65,000 + per year.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver:

  • Get an education - Go to a driving school to gain the knowledge of the transport industry, to understand the rules and regulation and safety issues of truck driving and master the art of driving.
  • If you enter truck driving, expect irregular hours of sleep. So always condition yourself physically in this reality.
  • Even if it is hard because of your diet and conditions in work, always watch what you eat so you do avoid getting overweight and having health problems.
  • Try to stay in a truck driving job in one company for at least year so that you can learn the job and maximize the experience. This will help you move into better driving career opportunities.

If you have what it takes to hit the road, then do not hesitate. Enjoy the pay and the benefits and see America in its finest with your truck driving career.


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