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Traveling Healthcare Professionals

Nurses, Medical Assistants & other healthcare professionals

A travel nurse is employed through an agency and travels to different locations to work on short-term nursing assignments. The traveling job is great for nurses who want diversity in their work experience and who either already enjoy traveling or want to do some traveling to see new places. However, travel nursing isn't for everyone and each person should consider all of the responsibilities, demands as well as benefits before committing themselves. Travel nursing can offer the right person job flexibility, new or different job responsibilities, opportunity to travel with the same or even better pay and benefits.

Given the current nurse staffing needs, registered nurses have more to experience facilities and cities before they commit long term. Many travel nurses employment agencies offer free housing and or reduced transportation costs. Other agencies offer nurses a housing allowance so that they may choose their own housing location.

Travel nursing positions are available where nursing shortages are at the highest levels. States, like Hawaii, have a long history of expanding they're hospital staffs with traveling nurses who decided to stay on permanently.

Marla Weston, RN, Executive Director of the Arizona State Nurses Association (AZNA) says "In Arizona, our population fluctuates greatly between winter and summer, so some hospitals need to literally double the size of their staff to be able to deliver health care to winter residents."

Here are four of the down sides to traveling as a healthcare professional.

Travelers are sometimes viewed negatively by permanent staff. On the opposite side of the argument, some traveling healthcare professionals have snubbed they're nose towards the permanent staff. Remember that both sides have an opinion and a preference. Each person has made they're decision for personal reasons and those reasons should not become work environment politic bickering. Even though the people you work with may be temporary, they are still a source for employment referrals. If the assignment location has staff members who are being difficult, remember it is only temporary and you can learn from the experience. Sometimes, learning what you don't like is one of the best lessons learned.

It may be very tempting, but many healthcare staff members maintain that firms that specialize in staffing facilities during strikes are engaging in an unethical and immoral practice. If you make the decision to work during a strike don't be surprised if you encounter hostility.

You will be on call 24 hours a day because you will be located on or near the site of the assignment.

You may learn that you don't like traveling from one city to anther, spending 8 to 13 weeks only in each city. Some assignments are longer than 13 weeks and you may want to do more traveling but stuck until the end of the assignment.

It's not only nurses who are choosing to travel though. Medical Technologists, Medical Assistants, Clinical Research and even Pharmacist are choosing to travel abroad and see what other cities and or countries have to offer.

One of the largest industries that uses traveling healthcare professionals is the travel industry such as the cruise liner carriers. Other trades include air ambulance services and temporary hospitals, erected at the place of a disaster or accident.

Traveling health care assignments offers a wonderful opportunities to see the United States and experience new encounters that could direct you in ways you never knew possible. You get to visit cities you otherwise would probably not get to experience while you enhance you skills and learn different methods of care. Since your housing expenses are usually paid for by the travel employment agency, you actually save more money than you would at home.

Choosing traveling assignments is great to build your personal skills. You will build better communications and increase your self-esteem and confidence. Working with such variety, you grow as a person in many different ways.

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