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Austin, TX

Yes, it's true that Austin was the inspiration for the 1991 movie Slacker, but they're also the home of The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) battle. Which is battling entertainment companies with the argument that once you own it (audio and video content), you can do whatever you like with it. In addition to the high tech entertainment battle field, Dell Computers call Austin, TX home as does Du Pont Photomasks and IBM Austin Research Lab. Austin is also famous for their music venues and talent. The only downside is that Austin is surrounded by Texas. Just kidding, put your guns away...

Boston, MA

Obsessive open source hacking, multitasking operating systems and geekdom societies. It's the East Coast's Seattle. Winters are mighty cold, but if your into geek dating, you'll be entertained. As the nation's oldest major city, Boston is also world famous for its medical centers and colleges.

Los Angeles, CA

  • My Space
  • Caltech
  • NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab

Southern California is home to all this and several other successful technology based companies. With Yahoo, Sony & a melting pot of technology consulting corporations, Los Angeles has earned it's place on the top ten, along with smog. On the other hand, there's the naughtier side of Hollywood and for the cost of a decent digital camera and a broadband link, there's a whole other side to hooking up.

New York, NY

New York, home to a few cillivian heroes which was broadcasted across the world thanks to Wi-Fi being everywhere. New York is perfect for marathons, coding jam sessions and music from Jazz to Rock and you don't need a car for city living.

Orlando, FL

Gaming all those years can finally pay off when there are corporations like Walt Disney World and Epcot that will actually pay you to make fantasy worlds real. After teleporting back to Earth, you can check out miles of different clubs, beaches, sports and local hang outs.

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh has what many people call the country's top ranked computer science school and is rapidly advancing with the robotics startup that Carnegie Mellon alums are starting. But, if androids aren't your thing, you can always click on over to Google's new engineering office.

Raleigh Durham, NC

Raleigh Durham, NC is where jocks and geeks actually mingle together. The tech discussion is always easily roused when Linux is brought up or when comparing the Macintosh to PC, a tech holy war in itself. North Carolina is home to Red Hat, SAS Institute, and an IBM center. As if sports and tech discussions weren't enough, Raleigh Durham hosts two World Beer Festivals a year. Maybe that's why the jocks & geeks get along?

San Francisco, CA (Bay Area)

At any social setting be prepared to discuss Bluetooth support or the political sides of network neutrality. Geeks are the hip and fashionable in San Francisco.

Seattle, WA

Seattle still reins as one of the top technology hubs with a large variety of tech companies and late night cafes, grea microbreweries, and the world's first science fiction museum. The Weird Science Salon monthly meetings offer "cryogenic marshmallow liquid nitrogen shenanigans" and "blowing stuff up." Who could possibly resist that?

Washington, DC

DC offers a hodgepodge of policy making squads and coding. In addition, DC offers plenty of social activities that include political debating, networking socials and associations. Yea.... If you're looking for the geek of your life, DC is the place to be and maybe you can convince them there is more to life than just talk.


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