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Tips On Balancing Career And Family

Tips On Balancing Career And Family

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Tips on Balancing Career & Family

Prioritization, organization, and delegation are key to achieving the balance that allows a person to enjoy both family life and going back to college.

Prioritizing is the process of realizing that you can't do it all and accepting as well as deciding what is important, and not worrying about the small stuff. Make a list of activities that take your time and decide which ones are most important and which ones are not necessary.

  • How much overtime should I work? Do I really need to work overtime?
  • Am I living beyond my means?
  • When I am at home, how much energy do I have left to spend with family?
  • What am I spending my money on?

Organization is vital to optimizing time and energy. Spending an hour looking for something you misplaced uses time and energy that you could be spending with family. Also family cleanup time is a way to keep things straight while working together for a common goal.

You may also want to do all of you personal banking and bill paying online. Use a software such as Quicken to track all of your spending and due dates. In addition, software installed programs can remind you of important dates and allows you to use the Internet for gift shopping, which means no more crowded malls and you won't have to go to the post office to make deliveries.


Each member of the family should be given a list of jobs to do around the house. By delegating chores, family members are part of the family team and each are contributing members. Children learn that their contributions are important and that there is more time for fun when chores are delegated.

Finally, realize that there are only 24 hours in a day. Don't beat yourself up for messing up one time here or there. But be sure that you do your best to be consistant knowing that you can't be perfect. Worrying about these things only adds tension and stress to a family situation.


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