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The Merger of Fashion and Technology

The Merger of Fashion and Technology

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Anyone who has been online for more than a week has heard of Think Geek. The place where geekiness and all it’s toys and apparel have been made fashionable. Retro has been IN for years and it will be the one fashion category that will never be OUT. With advancements in technology not only are today’s geeks and nerds solving health care dilemmas – they’re also creating a whole new trend of techno-fashion and the non-technical cool kids want it. Geeks are digging through grandma's closet and adding high tech fashion fun.

Technology & Fashion

Technology and fashion is fusing together a whole new world of fashionable possibilities. Today’s fashion includes binary code embroidered pillows, glowing LED quartz crystal necklaces, Cat5 Cable bracelets and voice knitted vests that translate voice recordings into stitches. Today’s designers are breaking grounds in a way that fashion leaders twenty years ago could never of dreamed of.

Wearable technology went "mainstream" when Charmed Technology models were wired and connected to hardware from fingers, wrists, heads and or arms and strutted down a London catwalk. The Charmed Technology vision is to integrate unwired technology and Internet into fashion.

Visionary designers and technology experts are combing their skills to create the future of fashion. Fashionable clothes designed to protect children are being experimented with. Self protecting jewelry such as pepper spray rings has made it radio talk shows. But the leading technology fashion that has been a big hit has been iPod apparel and accessories.

An entire walk-in closet devoted just for iPods could make bedrooms bigger. Kenpo Jacket for iPods use patented "smart fabric" touch pad technology to transform the sleeve of the jacket into a 5-button electronic control panel for use with the iPod and iPod minis. TuneBuckles are iPod belt buckles that not only turn your iPod into a buckle but also protect your iPod by encasing it in a fashionable belt buckle.

Anther fashion trend is still underground in the club scene with T-Qualizer shirts that use a new type of technology to light and flash without bulbs or LEDs. The use ultra thin Electro luminescent technology and a sound activated sensor comes alive in brilliant colors when music is playing.

Consumers have always been dazzled by sound activated sensors and what could be one of the best products to come is Gelsomina, a knitting machine that translates individual vocal melodies into a unique piece of clothing making the frequency of a voice visible in knitted patterns. The voice knitting machine was created by students Magdalena Kohler and Hanna Wiesener, from university of the arts in Berlin.

Technology and hi tech gadgets in clothing is just the beginning. Someday fashion will easily and inexpensively cool body temperatures in the middle of summer in a desert. Ski jackets will keep body temperatures warm and may even moisturize our feet. For now high tech remains mostly in the club scene and on the runways of fantasy garments. But the future is bright with LED embellishments.



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