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The Importance Of Online Social Networking

The Importance Of Online Social Networking

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What really distinguishes high performers from the rest of the pack is their ability to network. Business-specific social networks have the attention of both employers and job seekers, and millions are using the sites. Landing the ideal career now requires online social networking.

Finding Candidates

Social NetworkingThere's a good reason why employers are investing more of their recruiting dollars online. Five years ago, it cost a company or recruiter approximately $5 to $7 to discover a candidate's availability. Finding a candidate now costs only pennies. Hiring managers and recruiters and job seekers now have more choices with better-suited targeted audiences than previously. They can be picky and visit only the sites that offer a positive and fruitful experience. Each innovative internet day brings job posters and job seekers together through new online venues -- blogs, social/business networks, and niche career social networking boards.

Three of the popular social networks recruiters and hiring managers find useful.

Jigsaw - Business directory of business contacts and company information

Xing - Professional networks and contacts - LinkedIn – Professional networks and contacts

ZoomInfo - A web-based service that extracts information about people and companies

These networks help recruiters and hiring managers find and learn about prospective candidates. They can approach passive candidates through contacts both parties trust. A new network, Jobster, is particularly geared to recruiters and employers in that they can use the network to reach out to working professionals who provide referrals. However, to use Jobster, you must be referred through an email invitation from someone already using the service.


Job-seekers can use blogging to their advantage. Blogs can reveal your personality and knowledge and can be used as a venue to demonstrate innovative thinking. In addition, people will get attached to their blogging buddies or the writer. If a job seeker writes that s/he would consider a career opportunity at a different company, a reader may know of an opening – social networking at it’s best. In contrast, companies can use blogging as a means of recruiting the best possible professionals. They an be used as a way t brag about the company’s achievements and future goals. Recruiters can build networks, attract candidates, and provide applicants with a taste of the company culture so that they can evaluate whether they're a good fit.

Don’t mix professional and personal blogs and social networking sites. It’s becoming common practice for recruiters and hiring managers to ‘Google’ potential candidates as a means of final decisions between two equally good candidates. If one of the candidates has a social network profile that can be considered less than professional the potential employer will probably decide to g with the safer “cleaner” candidate.

Use both offline and online tools to complement, not replace, traditional job hunting efforts. Social networking isn’t an instant ROI (return on investment). It takes time to build networks, but once they’ve been established the pay off is great. It’s a whole new set of contacts and opportunities. Remember it’s not always what you know but who you know.



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