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The ICE Department - Law Careers That Make A Difference

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Heroes in today's culture seem quite rare, but there are unpublicized down-to-earth heroes among us, who seem to lead everyday lives, but who play a vital role in our protection and security. Although they rarely receive recognition or praise, these heroes sacrifice sleep, decent meals and relationships to provide constant twenty four hour protection for us. Some of these heroes are the men and women who serve in the American Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

Immigration and Customs EnforcementThe Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), is a lot more than what is publicized in the media. They often receive little recognition or at times they receive negative media attention, but they certainly donít receive the recognition they deserve. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency was created in March, 2003 and they are the largest investigative branch of the Department of Homeland Security. Their primary responsibilities are to enforce immigration and customs laws, protect the nation's borders, and to prevent terrorism and other criminal activities. They also protect non-citizens in our country and American citizens in other countries. Although the agency is primarily responsible for eliminating vulnerabilities its other responsibilities include investigating human rights violations, human trafficking and cyber crimes.

While the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency may not be able to please everyone, including critics, their job is not to please but rather to protect. Without their dedicated service, our country would be open to the import of any type of material from any country and our borders would be completely open for drug trafficking, terrorist infiltration, and other criminal activity.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has numerous critical and sobering responsibilities for the protection of all of us. For that reason, the process of becoming an ICE employee is always grueling. Applicants can expect to go through a series of tests for mental and physical abilities. In addition, a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or homeland security is needed.

If immigration and customs enforcement is not an area that interests you, there are several other departments where you can contribute valuable skills:

  • Cyber Crimes Department - Investigate cyber crimes such as identity theft, tracking terrorist websites, etc.
  • United States Postal Service Inspectors - investigate different types of illegal activities involving the US mail.
  • Internal Revenue Service Investigators - explore different forms of tax fraud.

Law enforcement within ICE is one of the most important, and demanding fields and there are always the possibilities of advancement or new careers in different departments. With new advances in forensic technology and the ever-evolving Internet landscape, careers in law, criminal justice and homeland security are always open for potential candidates.

Without the heroes of ICE and other law enforcement agencies, our country would become corrupt, unstable, and we would cease to function as a society.



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