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In most large metropolitan schools in America, educational systems are losing half of the students through drop out. The problem is not only in the big cities but smaller towns are experiencing the same problems but for different economical reasons.

A recent study by the Department of Education found that 31% of American students were dropping out or failing to graduate in the nation's largest public school districts. The consequences of students dropping out of high school are massive. Not only for the student but to the national economic community. Students who drop out of High School risk a higher chance of poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, High school drop outs demonstrate a higher risk of criminal activity and a shortened life span due to crime. It's estimated that about 2,500 students drop out of U.S. high schools every day.

One of the reasons kids are dropping out is simply because they say they don't like it. Teens are dropping out of high school because they see no point in going. Their classes are not interesting and between violence on and near campus and social pressure verses parental pressure, its too much for some kids. In addition, kids who are living with parents / guardians who constantly insult their kids about failing a class or other issues contribute to their decision to drop out. Other reasons for dropping out of school included

  • They had to get a job and make money
  • They had too much freedom and not enough rules in life
  • They were the target of student violence or the target of verbal harassment

81% of the drop out students surveyed said they now believe graduating from high school is important to success in life. A survey released in March 2006 demonstrated that most of the drop out students had strong and thoughtful opinions on what might have kept them in high school. When asked What might have kept dropouts in school? 81% said real-world learning opportunities.

U.S. Census Bureau statistics stated

  • On average, high school dropouts earn $19,000 a year.
  • High school graduates earn $28,000 a year on average.
  • Nationally, 68% of state prison inmates are dropouts.

Teachers, parents and educational public officials must reject the idea that it is acceptable for teenagers to drop out of high school. Tougher graduation exit exams are promoting dropping out and raising the school exit age is not the basis for a successful dropout prevention policy. To diminish the growing dropout rate, schools must meet students needs with a motivating and real life relevant curriculum.

If 16 is too young to buy cigarettes and to vote, how can it be old enough to make such a life-altering decision?

There are options to public high school, but unlike public high schools you will pay a tuition. Concord Academy is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school for high school students. Attendance is expensive.

Studies show that parochial schools spend less than half of what the public schools spend on educating students, and yet, despite the National Education Association's claims, the private schools do more with less. According to a study conducted in three New York communities by Paul Peterson and Herbert Walberg, per pupil costs in public schools in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn are an average of $5,124. The parochial schools in those same communities spend approximately 53.2% less than $2,399 on average per student. Yet, this same study found that, on average, private school students scored 7.3% better on standardized reading tests than did their public school counterparts.

Furthermore, a study conducted by the Rand Corporation of public, private, and parochial high schools in New York City found that the parochial high schools graduated 95% of their students, while the public schools graduated only about 50%.

Why? The management of private schools is directly accountable to parents in a way that public schools are not.

However, there are positives and negatives for both sides. People have stated that the environment at private schools has about the same amount of social disregard for rules/elders/social morals as public schools do; kids just keep it out of the classroom and away from adults.

There is a 3rd option that is slowly building supporters as the programs becomes more known.

It's still remarkable how fast the internet has swept over our daily lives. Just 16 years ago, in 1990, the World Wide Web was still a mysterious concoction of technologic babble. At that time, clues of the Web's true value would be tossed around excitedly by the tech-savvy community to their non-tech friends about all the things would make possible in the future. Back than the web was as still distant to daily life as the molecular transporter on the Star Ship Enterprise ... it made great sci fi, but what did it have to do with the "price of beans"? Now, thanks to the ubiquitous World Wide Web, one can check on the price of beans at any minute during the day or night...virtually anything one could want (almost) can be found online. What is even more relevant is the value of the internet to the world of education.

Modern day technology has made online education flexible and accessible. However, in our current day, online education is widely accepted as being just as valuable as the face to face physical classroom experience. For the last 8 years+, universities and colleges have been combining multiple aspects of online websites and web interactivity with quality education. Can we be truly surprised that high schools are now following in they're footsteps? With the current public school drop out epidemic, online learning certainly looks like the positive wave of the future and should be seriously considered.



  1. Boys High Schools

    Boys High Schools boys schools are only for the boys and single education is always considered better. So boys can study and take part in other extra curriculum activities. There are other facilities given to students like yoga, swimming etc.

  2. Boys High Schools

    Boys High Schools boys schools are only for the boys and single education is always considered better. So boys can study and take part in other extra curriculum activities. There are other facilities given to students like yoga, swimming etc.

  3. Iam a Kenyan citizen aged 24,i would like to have a job in the U.S.A.

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