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The First Step In Starting A Career

The First Step In Starting A Career

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Our public education (in my opinion) is to blame that there are far too many young people who do not posses the education needed to start a quality career. The first step is education and that education starts with public school. However, the majority of high schools are not equipped with the needed equipment nor work tools to provide such a vitally needed education. Therefore, the majority of students become bored or give up adding to the lack of undiscovered talent.

Thankfully, there is a place people can go to find where their talents lay undiscovered. Many metropolitan cities offer free government sponsored career centers that offer free basic computer skills such as

  • How to use Microsoft Word
  • How to create and use an email address
  • How to use your email address in job searches

A career assistance center can also assist with resumes and job hunting strategy skills. Lastly, a counselor can help you chose as well as help with the process of enrolling in a vocational or college course.

Unfortunately, almost every city that has these centers are named differently from one state to anther.

California: One-Stop Centers 

Alaska: Job Center Network 

Washington: Work Force

Florida: Work Force Innovation 

Texas: Work Source (also called Work Force) Career Center 

For other states go to Service Locater

Computers today are a major part of almost every job available in America. There are almost no jobs in today's world that does not use some kind of computer. Even many of today's traditional 'labor' jobs now require basic computer user skills to get hired into that position.

To increase your employability, learn basic computer skills at any of the free career / work force jobs centers. At these centers, you will receive free assistance and basic computer skills. In addition counselors are on location to help you determine the best course of action you want to take.

If you need to learn how to use online job posting websites you will learn how to for free.

If you need a resume, they can help.

If you want to go to school to learn a trade, a career counselor can help you with the enrollment process. Looking for vocational training? Here is a wonder list of careers and training available.

The job centers are there to help you get your first step in starting a career and the first step is education and training.


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