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Well, I started the new job a couple of weeks ago and I already miss being at home and waiting for calls to come through to make a living. I feel such a huge sense of dissatisfaction with this job. I am soooo not going to last. We have to wear these ugly polo shirts and keep smiling all the time; how lame. I only get paid $7.75 an hour but thats ok. Lauren offered to help me find a job but she works in some place where you have to actually dress for work in like pantyhose and pointy shoes so I told her maybe later. Maybe I should go back to college. Than I think about all the stupids I would encounter and all the Ra Ras I would be going to school with, no way.

I went into work today and as always our messiest customers threw our merchandise around the entire store so I had to go around and put everything back in place just to see anther customer put something on a shelf that he decided he did not want 2 aisles later. If that was the only problem I would not mind so much. However I like the real reason I get paid is to put up with stupids who can not get a job any place else.

The stupids have no common sense and totally lack a personality in this realm. Anther one of the stupids likes to act as if she is a manager every time our manager goes to lunch. She tries to tell the people who are not part of her sheep following what to do and hot to do it while her and the rest of the sheep graze near the door. I just ignore her the entire time and sometimes I just leave all together.


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