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The Future Needs For Technology Skills

The Future Needs For Technology Skills

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Resistance Is Futile

"I do not need to adapt to new technology because technology has nothing new to offer." That is an irresponsible and ridiculous operating system of thinking. Technology is ever changing -- it's limitless. To think that someday technology will just stop, is no less primitive than thinking the world is flat and if we walk too far, we'll fall off the Earth.

Before 1994 yahoo was something you yelled when riding a mechanical bull or playing cowboys with your neighborhood friends. Now Yahoo means search engine, search index and millions of advertising dollars. In those text-based website days Amazon, Google and eBay didn't exist. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, less than one in seven Americans were online in the year of 1995.

The World Wide Web has transformed the way people live, work, learn and play. With websites such as commuters can look up the most current traffic situations from nearly any location in the US.

Modern day technology has made higher education obtainable. Twenty years ago it wasn't very likely that a full time working employee or a stay at home parent would be able to obtain an higher education. In our current day, online degrees are flexible and accessible and are just as valuable as the face to face physical college experience.

The medical profession continues to transform itself generation after generation. New methods of diagnosis and treatment continually expanded healing powers. Vaccines have been developed to prevent fatal diseases. Cat or CT Scans (computed tomography) has become a significant tool in medical imaging to supplement X-rays and medical ultrasonography in preventing and diagnosing a variety of diseases.

Technology has introduced exceptional products and advancement into our daily lives. Whether we're traveling to anther country, or participating in an online game and chatting with a teammate in New Zealand. To think that technology can not progress any further is irresponsible and a prehistoric way of thinking. Technology has already created costumed designed pets.

Ask yourself:
How far are we from the mass production of sales for technology created, full size pets and how long will it be before they out number organic pets? New hybrid pets have been in in the works for years.


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