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I grew up with contradictory parents. I grow up with the kind of mother who had beautiful perfume bottles, powder puffs on her dresser and weekly beauty-parlor appointments...However, I'm no longer embarrassed to say that I wasn't included in these girly elements because I was a total Tomboy, 100% Daddy's girl and spoiled to the last drop. He had old fashioned resilient work ethics and taught me your career was more important than personal needs. Conversely, he also managed to instill the obsession of self reliance.

This created enough parent arguments, contradictory messages and later self-doubt to make any psychologists run screaming from a room with me. I sometimes, ok often annoy my friends with my indecisiveness and contemplative ramblings about whatever issue has remained stuck in my head. Thank gawd my friends love me.

Often, I don't realize how much time I dedicate to work, other people's needs and spend the rest of my time paying bills and running around to do the errands I said could wait. I constantly push myself into overdrive trying to fit everything into one day only to have it spill into the next and than the next. By the time the weekend comes, I'm ready to let go a little. Unfortunately, I sometimes overcompensate and drag myself into work Monday morning only to start the process all over again.

When you're on the go for days and even weeks at a time, not taking time out for yourself, it costs you more in the end. Yesterday I realized that I was over due for some much needed Me Time.

Haven't most of us promised ourselves at one point or anther that we were going to slow down, appreciate things more and live life rather than just chasing the almighty dollar and career ambition goblin?

I used to ensure that I got at least one night a week all to myself. Chores, work and other people's needs were nonexistent. Now, I feel guilty even saying that declaration out in the open. That's not to say that when I hang out with friends or work with co-workers, that they're a hassle. Sometimes my Me Time involves friends and sometimes they don't.

Too many people especially women, are continually meeting every obligation and favor put before them except the one to themselves. When was the last time you were just "you"? Not the parent, significant other or employee - just you. Enjoying a few moments to yourself each day just to catch your breath shouldn't be a luxury. Sometimes, you need to stop and do something you want to do in order to continue doing the necessary things other people need of you.

Make a commitment to give you time to do nothing or something different and unique. This can be as simple as driving to a park on the way home each night and sitting in your car for ten minutes before going home. Than hearing all of the things that went wrong or needs to be done and put on the To Do list.

The possibilities and the destinations of Me Time are endless. You can pick one night a week or one weekend a month. There are no rules to how you schedule in your Me Time. If you're the type of person who is always busy, schedule a time for yourself. Make a date with yourself to see a movie, go out to dinner at a place you have never been to before or try something new.

Make a list of things you have always wanted to try but have continued to put off. Than do them one by one.


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