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According to research, one of the top 10 most popular New Year's resolutions is job-related. However, the craziness of January and February and than tax season can steer us away from our resolutions. While many of these goals are forgotten and never achieved here are the keys you need to open doors and take control of your career.

Explore your career options

Ask yourself these questions: Does my current position utilize my professional abilities, experience and talents? Am I or the company maximizing my earning potential? Am I doing what I was born to do or something that Iím passionate about?

If you have more No answers than Yes you need to assess your work style and personal characteristics to discover a career that highlights your professional strengths.

Learn new job skills

With a world where technology is always advancing everyone can and should learn something new. There is no better way to stand out as a quality employee than to contumely advanced your skills.

Meet with your boss

What you consider your strengths and weaknesses may not be the same ones your boss considers your strengths and weaknesses in regards to what the company needs. Schedule a meeting to get his or her opinion on skills that will boost your advancement possibilities. Meeting regularly to review performance will help you re-evaluate goals and set priorities.

Make a plan

Think of a goal you would like to reach and than create the required steps you need to do to accomplish it. Keep deadlines realistic and remember that advancing your career does not happen overnight.

Get organized

Take ten minutes a day to rearrange and organize your files so they are up to date and efficient. Start by archiving anything you havenít used starting with the files you havenít used in the last sixty days and followed by the files you havenít touched in the last year according to month.

Boost working relationships

Positive relationships with people you work with can produce big results. Remember a co-workerís birthday. It doesnít have to be a big splashy affair, just a simple birthday card saying you remembered their birthday is a nice gesture. Building and maintaining good relationships with co-workers will not only make the office a place you want to be but can boost your career. You never know who may get promoted and become your next boss.

Follow through on ďI can do it.Ē

Donít just say you will do, do it and do it in a realistic timeframe and put genuine thought into the project. Taking control of your career will not happen unless you follow through in a timely manner. But no matter how quickly you do the work, if the work is poor than you have shown you cannot do it. Donít be afraid to ask questions or ask for help when necessary.

Being an employee all of my adult life I have, experienced, seen and heard the best and worst of employees and career strategies. One of the most vital aspects of a work environment I have seen has been employees who want higher salaries but do not want to do the required work of those higher salaries. If you need more skills than obtain them, if you need to make a commitment, than make a commitment and see it through. You are responsible for your own career strategy and these keys can help you open new doors.



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