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Average Annual Salary of TEFL Type Educational Teaching:

The rate of pay depends greatly on the candidate's education, training, experience and expertise. In relatively poor countries, a low wage may equate to a cozy middle class life style.

Necessary Education for an TEFL Type Educational Teaching Career:

Certification of completion for multi-disciplinary General Studies type courses and a certification of one or all three programs TEFL, TESOL & TESL. CELTA Certificate in TEFL strongly recommended for new entrants.

Business-related degrees especially useful for teaching in companies.

What is TEFL Educational Teaching in a nutshell?

Teaching in other countries

TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language

Types of TEFL type Educational Teaching jobs:

Any school, village, business or private home that needs a teacher.

TEFL type Educational Teaching Skills & Responsibilities:

Lesson preparation, teaching, devising classroom exercises & obtaining materials, marking homework/exams, writing reports, organizing social activities.


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