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All Nurses

I liked All Nurses because it has a large resources for news, options, Q & A. However the pages takes a while to load and that's a waste of time and can be frustrating. The job search was only ok, it listed all nursing jobs for all kinds of nurses. Worth looking at though since the focus is all towards nursing.

Healthcare, Financial & Creative Professionals

Aquent specializes in jobs for healthcare, financial and creative professionals with search abilities around the globe. The Home site is very simple and right from the start you know where to click to look for opportunities in your field.

Computer Works

Information Technology jobs available throughout the U.S. and Canada. The site includes a link page to helpful job hunting resources and industry news from EWeek, as well as a job tracker to keep you aware of new posts that fit your profile. However, most job postings didn't list salaries or didn't give enough information about the company doing the hiring.

Educational Placement Service
Teachers / Educational Careers

Educational Placement Service website was easy to use and I didn't have to register just to browse what jobs were listed on their site. Great Start. I was able to search by state, specialty and keyword. However, I put in what I thought would give me lots of results; California & High Schools. Results? 0. Sadly, the results for such an easy to use site were very minimal. They have low ranking but hopefully in time this will change. I found Educational Placement Service the easiest to use but a bit too simple with only job listings and no Resource Center area.

Freelance & Contractors

Think Ebay for freelancers and contractors. Elance offers a variety of industries from Technology to Administrative Services and lets people who are looking for your services to place postings where you can than bid on the job. Depending on what your 'Services' are, your going to shell out any where from $175 to $1,000 per year for Subscription fees.

Find A Recruiter
Find A Recruiter

The name says it all. I've used recruiters and I still have a not so positive impression for most of them. The website is where job seekers who are looking for a recruiting professional such as a Headhunter, Executive Placement and general staffing firms can find them. The database is said to have more than 10,000 recruiters and can be found through a search by company name, specialty, or location. There is no cost for the job seeker to do searches.

Future Step
Mid - Level Careers

The web site is clean, easy to navigate and easy to read. Future Step is an executive recruiting service from the company of Korn & Ferry International that focuses on placement of mid level positions in a variety of industries such as Information Technology.

Nonprofit Jobs

The site is simple and nice looking but the jobs are pretty limited. It is a good source but not a primary source. Keep them bookmarked in hopes that one day a paying job in non profit sector in your area does come available.

Job Science
Medical & Medical Related

Searchable by facility, metro area, posting date, zip code & radius, keyword and position. The site is really easy to use and makes searching easy. What I didn't like though was that some of the postings were over two months old.

Jobs In The Money

Silly name but the site is great for those in the financial fields such as Bankers, Corporate Financiers and Investments. The down side is that almost all the jobs listed are located in metropolitan areas only.

Lat Pro
Jobs for Spanish & Portuguese speakers

The site has great sponsors that are listed on the first landing page. That was enough for me to keep looking; if major sponsors are not interested in them why should a job hunter be interested in the job search site? The site can be read in English, Spanish a& Portuguese and the jobs are current. Lastly, Lat Pro has great resources and was easy to find what I was looking for.

Media Bistro

The place to go for job listings for media professionals involved with print, online, publishing, TV and public relations. Media Bistro sponsors great regional gatherings and offers writing and editing workshops as well as crash courses in How Tos. However, don't use this site at work unless your the only person in the office; it's a dead give away that your looking for new opportunities.

Phoenix Link
Executives & Technology Professionals

The Phoenix Link is a not for profit group that offers free services for executives and technology industry people who want a new career but retain their current skills. Job hunters can participate in our Tele Work Shops as well as the other typical career center tokens. Phoenix is selective about whom they take on as a client / Partner but if you are chosen they look to be a very promising network / resource location.

Quintessential Careers

Too many options on the front page. I wanted to see an immediate link to find jobs and on the site and I received more resources for a job seeker than actual jobs. Search For Jobs, brought up a new window and a very generic looking job search form. I was than asked to provide my email address to have the jobs sent to me instead of looking at them on their site. PASS!

Retired Brains
Jobs for the retired

The name is easy to remember and it already tells me what the site could be about. The information links had nothing to do with finding a job though and the find a job form forces you to give your email address and have jobs sent to you. PASS

Sales Jobs

A no nonsense site that is all about the jobs, I mean careers. The web site has fresh postings that are searchable by state and industry and the job descriptions vary in length much like Monster. However, I personally like to know who I am sending my resume to and would have liked to know more about the hiring company. The career information could have been better. They spent a good deal of time posting hiring ads but they skimped on the Career Center area.

Span USA
Bilingual / Executive

Executive search firm specializing in the placement of bilingual Spanish / English speaking professionals and executives of every ethnic background in the United States and Latin America. However, you can not simply search for any career positions. You must sign up and be accepted by the company in order to be considered for interviewing and placement.

Talent Zoo
Media / Communications

I like the name Talent Zoo, especially since the focus is for communications business professionals and the industry can be a bit of a zoo with a variety of animal types. The web site serves account executives, art directors and media buyers. The Dear Adviser Q & A covers everything from the current job market to surviving office politics but the job listings are just bread crumbs. Again, the site is a give away that you are on the look out for a new job. Use at home.

Teachers Teachers
Teachers / Educational Careers

At first, Teachers Teachers seemed to be a great place for career resources. However, this is anther website that has a very low ranking and had me questioning just how much traffic does the web site really have? One thing that bothered me is that on the Registration page it asked me for both my last and my maiden name. The information wasn't required but it did send up a red flag. Anther thing that was slightly bothersome was the fact that I had to include a phone number. Since the site has a very low ranking my first question was "will I be getting telemarketing calls?" In the name of research I went ahead with the registration form. Once registered I was required to fill out a resume / application before I even had a chance to view any jobs. Bad Start... I clicked a few more times but in the end I just left. Before I invest my time I like to know I'm investing it for a good reason and they hadn't provided me with even one. PASS

The Job Box
Part Time / Entry Level / Internships

Great sponsorship & very eye catching, especially to a boss where you are already working, keep that in mind. This is where you go for a part time job rather you are still in high school, in college or just looking for a part time position.

USA Jobs
Federal Government Jobs

Looks, feels and acts like Monster but for government jobs

Work At Home Moms
Work at home

The website is completely geared towards mothers who want to work at home. However, I wanted to see if the jobs could be for anyone who wanted to work at home. Everything on the web site displays crayon drawing images and child like text. Getting past all of that, it is a great source for anyone who would like to work at home.


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