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I just came back from lunch where just by smiling and saying hello I started a conversation that led into a networking opportunity. Networking doesn't have to take lot of extra time. It easily blends into your everyday life. When it comes to networking, a lot of people are throwing out their golf clubs and sixty-five dollar per plate "Network Seminars" and heading to they're favorite social spot with plenty of business cards.

Trekking to trade shows and meet-and-greet networking parties still exist, but they're receiving lower priority than they use to. Nursing your career doesn't always require spending long days at boring seminars, with people you would never socialize with outside of your career. Making new contacts and spreading the word about yourself and or your company has radically changed. If you see everyone as a potential contact, you can network during any routine activity, from waiting in line for a latte to chatting with anther patient at your doctor's office.

Being open to new people and where you meet new people is how you make your own success. You can build a network anywhere, at any time.

While apartment searching, I met a potential roommate. We spent three hours together talking about a variety of subjects from holistic medicine to women taking charge of they're lives. We didn't end up being roommates, but we exchanged two different business contacts from each other.

At my favorite weekly nightclub, I told an acquaintance that I was looking for someone who could do some additional research for me. He took my name, email address and phone number and the next day someone emailed me to inquire about the job.

Some traditional networking strategies will take time, but persistence is the key. Everyone gets busy from time to time, and some professions are consistently busy all the time. Busy senior managers who excel at career management, say they set aside a few extra minutes every day to touch base with a professional contact. Many people will use the first five minutes of they're morning to call or email a contact. Mornings are best for talking to people overseas, or between meetings.

The best time to plan for a future job is when you're not looking. If you aren't making the time to network, ask yourself: Are you really preparing for your future? Are you really so busy that you can't spare five minutes on something that beneficial?

Perhaps it's not just lack of time that's holding you back, but lack of networking confidence. It's unnerving to make calls and emails when you doubt the person you're about to contact wants to hear from you. If that is an anxiety for you, email the contact for no better reason than to say hello.

Not too many months ago, I had won free screening tickets from the website Dark Romance»» for a film festival. At the festival, I was lucky enough to meet the owner and chat a little about the films. This morning, (four months later) I received an email that was simply a way to catch up and say hello. Knowing he works daily on his own website, I responded with my thank you and mentioned that I was a bit frustrated on a current article and than I included the link. He provided some great feedback and I learned a few new tricks. In addition, I found out he's currently in search of particular tasks to fill. We exchanged information and network names where I have hopefully provided a couple of my friends with some future work and him with one less difficult task.

Networking is still the best way to land a new job.

Referrals really do occur more casually than a lot of people may think. Your gym partner's roommate's girlfriend's friend is more likely to land you your next job than your career recruiter - but only if she knows you're looking for a job. We all have primary and secondary contacts in our network. However, instead of "Contacts" and "Secondary Contacts," we call them "Friends" and "Acquaintances." Than there are always those people we know and only talk to at specific places or events. The more you're able to tell people in a friendly but concise way what you've done and what you're looking for, the more your friends and acquaintances will want to help and be able to help.

Business Networking For Women

Unfortunately, when it comes to business networking for women, some women find it more difficult to break the notion of the ol boy's club stereotype. They avoid the boring seminars and the meet and greet cocktail parties to exchange business cards. If you don't feel comfortable at an event, the entire prose for going is lost. Instead, focus on the activities you do enjoy and feel comfortable. Whether it's book clubs, nail salons or Girl's Night Out, every activity holds possibilities. Work up to going to events that hold little interests for you.

Talent and learning brilliance alone won't get you to the top of your career. You need to launch a personal marketing campaign for yourself.

  • Does you boss's boss know what a great job you're doing?
  • Who will be aware of your accomplishments if your supervisor leaves?
  • How many of your friends know about your professional accomplishments?
  • Who will be aware of your accomplishments if your client account leaves for a competitor company?

If you can't answer these questions in a good way, then you need to start doing your own PR work and start a "Self" marketing plan. Recognize that it's okay to say you're good at something and let others know it. Enhance your credibility and stature by writing profession based journal articles or blog entries. There's a subtle balance between self-promotion and egotistical overkill. When used appropriately, a personal marketing campaign will create magic and help you get where you want to go. Marketing yourself is like marketing a business; if no one knows about your product, than no one will buy it.


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