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Webmaster, is an individual who is responsible for managing and or updating websites. Becoming a webmaster cannot be done in a couple of days. It takes, education, studying, practice and a lot of time. If you want to become a great webmaster, you have to plan ahead and research how you can become a great webmaster. While owning a website can be easy by simply going to a domain registering website -- creating a great website and carrying out the tasks of a true webmaster is a lot more complicated.

Before you jump ship at your current job it is always a good idea to assess your current skills, experience and availability. Write a list of your current skills and experience on one side of a piece of paper. Then write down your goals on the other side. Create a list under your goals explaining why you want to be a great webmaster. Consider the type of website that you are interested in creating. Personal blogs, corporate blogs, flashy advertising websites or game themed websites. All of these websites use different layouts, programing and focus on difference audiences. Write down all of the ideas now because you can always filter through them later.

Once you have an idea of what kind of web sites most interest you, it is now up to you to start a plan of action. This means deciding how you will become a great webmaster. If you have absolutely no skills or experience in web design or programming the first step is education. Depending on what type of webmaster you want to be will help you decide what kind of education you will need. So be honest in what you want for your future.

What does a webmaster do?

The webmaster coordinates the planning, construction, development and maintenance of web designing and construction. They talk with the client and settle what the website will look like and put agreements to paper concerning the websites purposes, contents, target market, needed resources and financial packages. If a webmaster works for a large corporation, many of these responsibilities are done by or assisted by department sales representatives.

During planning and development the actions are discussed between the client, sales representatives and the webmaster – which then distributes among the members of the development team. As for the construction, development and maintenance stages, the webmaster primary goal is to help with each member and fuse each individual’s work into one website.

Webmasters do not have just one website to worry about. A great webmaster has several websites they review, maintain, update and troubleshoot. The webmaster also handles multiple email accounts in connection with the multiple domains s/he works with. This can be very complicated as there can be many user names and passwords needed to maintain these accounts. Webmasters must always keep track of every single thing they do for a website. Excellent records are necessary so that when a problem happens they can go back and track what went wrong.



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