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Secretary Education Spellings Los Angeles

Secretary Education Spellings Los Angeles

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U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings Goes To Los Angeles

Sounds a bit like a Dr. Seuss book doesn't it? Will it come as a surprise that I'm going to critic the chosen words and this time the destination made by U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings? Margaret Spellings traveled to Los Angeles in her "efforts" to enforce and motivate the No Child Left Behind theory that provides parents a program called Supplemental Educational Services (SES). SES includes free tutoring for eligible students under No Child Left Behind act.

How can I possible see a negative in that? First of all, she visited only with an elementary school and not a High School which is the worst performing grades educationally. Second, I'm offended by her statement "I've yet to find a parent who didn't want their child on grade-level that year."

The statement is out of context in how she is using it. If you were to ask any parent without any further questions "Do you want your child to be on they're current grade level reading and writing abilities.?"... of course the answer would be yes. What parent doesn't want their child to be current with all educational standards? Furthermore, Spellings said that we must hold schools accountable for the failures of student education, but where do the schools turn to for current educational supplies? The government must also be held accountable. They supply the schools with the much needed tools and budget that can ensure that children will have the proficiency they will need to enter the economical corporate and business world.


Questioning the quality of High School? There are choices. Don't let them enter their adult life without education»»

The teachers, for all grades must feel job fulfillment and know that they're future retirement is secure. They need to enter class rooms without wondering if today is the day a student or parent pulls out a gun and kills. Teachers belong in the classroom and not on a picket line. They should not have to have fund raisers for basic classroom needs such as history books that include American historical summaries.

Later in her speech she says:
"Bottom line: if we aren't serious as parents, policymakers, and leaders about doing what it takes to fix our public schools - our nation is going to be at a huge competitive and economic disadvantage".

We already are in a huge competitive and economic disadvantage. She makes this clear with her own data reporting:

  • 5 out of 10 - Half - of all African-American and Hispanic students don't graduate from high school
  • Two-thirds of high-growth, high-wage jobs require a college degree, but only a third of Americans have one
  • We spend more than a billion dollars a year on remedial classes when students get to college because they didn't get the education they need in high school


U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings moves on to say "beyond K-12, we need to get more Americans to college." In an earlier article I complained about her "efforts" and misguided attempt at motivating people to go to college, you can read it here. How Can Education Be More Obtainable? »»

While it may be great that she is showing she can travel and talk, her speeches continue to fail in producing any genuine solutions and her speeches continually miss the point and or point the finger at someone else. Parents and educators need genuine solutions for today's problems in order to have a successful child in 2, 4 and 12 years. Educators, parents and the government can not and should not ignore the middle and high school students of today that need help.

By focusing all of the efforts on elementary kids alone and they're future, the kids in middle and high school will continue to suffer for years after high school. We can not pretend they don't exist and they should not be treated as a lost cause. Students are not debts that we can just bankruptcy away and start wit a clean slate. They exist, they are real people and they are the future addition to our economy. As such, we need to recognize that we have a problem and we need to address it now. If parents can not depend on the school educators (who depend on the government) than in my opinion the only option left available to parents is to educate they're child through privately owned enterprises that specialize in providing education that will prepare them for college.
Easier said than done, that is money a lot of people do not have. However, if U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings is genuinely concerned about the future of the American economy and the lack of students to fulfill the growing international commerce than maybe she and her committee need to create financial aid and sponsorships for the businesses that specialize in providing education to Middle and High School students. They, unlike our current educational system are held accountable and they do manufacture successful college attendees and business leaders. How? They make a profit to train and educate, they do not need to fear they're students and they (unlike our public schools) have the most current technological tools needed.


High School is a maze They key is knowing how to solve the problem»»


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