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Saint Leo Distance Learning

It was in 1998 that Saint Leo saw a need of potential adult students who were computer capable that wanted a higher education. With a mere and humble 12 students but with visualization, Saint Leo University's Center for Online Learning was established. They now have over 5,000 students obtaining their educational goals online and receive the same educational degrees as campus based students.

Saint Leo Distance Learning offers the best quality of traditional campus education in concurrence with today's advanced technology. They allow their students to set their own educational timetable so that it fits the lives of their professional students. Saint Leo students can attend class anytime and anywhere. Since the beginning, Saint Leo continues to show that it is they're student's education that is the most important aspect of education. The flexible student schedules prove that students will over come any obstacles in obtaining a higher education which is the most important goal. Saint Leo Distance Learning is a premier and exceptional university in offering working professionals their chance for higher aspiration in learning.

Saint Leo University


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