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Resort Management Careers

Average Annual Salary for Resort Management Careers:

Entry level / limited experience annual earnings of Lodging / Resort Managers (or Assistant Managers) were $30,770 in 2005.

Salary levels vary greatly depending on responsibilities and the segment of the hotel industry in which managers are employed.

Necessary education for Resort Management career:

Bachelors Degree in Hospitality»», Convention and Visitors Bureau Management

What is Resort Management in a nutshell?

Resort managers experience the pressures of coordinating a wide range of activities.

Types of Resort Management jobs:

  • Property Management / Assistant Management
  • Facility Management / Assistant Management
  • Hotel Room Management
  • Banquet & Catering Management
  • Restaurant Management

  • Resort Management Skills & Responsibilities:

    Leadership, marketing, qualitative skills, research and evaluation, programming (recreation, leisure and meetings), planning and policy, legal aspects, and communications.

    Skills include (not all listed)

    • Hospitality
    • Office Procedures
    • Facilities Management
    • Hospitality Tourism Law
    • Meetings and Conventions
    • Restaurant Management
    • Club and Resort Management
    • Hospitality Marketing

    Future Outlook for Resort Management:

    Tourism and commercial recreation is over an $800 billion industry in the United States. Globally, tourism accounts for approximately 12% of the Gross Domestic Product, employing 10% of the worldwide labor force. It is estimated that by the year 2020, more than half of all employed people in the world will be involved directly or indirectly with the tourism industry.


    1. resort managemet in singapore

      there are severel foreign students are comming to study resort managemnt in singapore. i'd try to explain to u thir expectation. the foreign students who are comming from india,china,srilanka,nepal,vieatnam,ect... mostly from asian countries.
      they beleive after they finish their studies the school or institute which they studing will provide trainning or attachment in singapore. but most of the stunts get disappointment.
      Because, schools in singapore which they teaching resortmanagenet first they gives word to the student that they can get industrial attachment like as management trainee after they finished their diploma in that partucular course.
      This is a main reason they are comming here and follow the course. but some school they dont keep their promisses. eventhoug some other school they do but the thing i s the dont give the trainning in the same field which the students were studied. they provide job like as dish washing, table cleaning. maximum high stand jobthey r providing is waiter/waiteress.
      if u take theese foreign student they comming from very goog families and they had enough facilities. for those students won't prefer to do like theese job. Because first thing mindly they are not prepared. second theese kind of job wont gives them experience for them.from dishwashing and table cleaning they cannot get the experience knowldge. because they are studing management about resorts.
      So, kindly i'd like to ask those private education centers in singapore please keep ur promisses which u give u to student when they joinning in your school.
      thank you.

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