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Longing for a career that combines passion and financial success can be tricky but more people of all ages are doing just that. Young adults are saying no to safe careers and following their heart while experienced professionals are changing careers to follow theirs.

A favorite career change is that of culinary careers such as a pastry chef. Pastry chefs learn more than just how to bake a cake; they learn about sorbets, wedding cakes, chocolate candies, artistic sugar art and anything considered dessert.

Those who follow their hearts into the kitchen learn about how ingredients work together and how they donít. Reality shows makes cooking and pastry chef creations look as easy as 1 2 3 but the genuine reality of the art form is that it is a tough job -- it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to follow through with kitchen dreams into the work world.

Before a student can reach the top of their career dreams entry level future chefs must accept a lot of the grunt work so that they can learn the from those who come before them. The entry-level unglamorous jobs are where a potential future pastry chef will learn all the good and bad of the profession. Unfortunately it is also here that a lot of dreamers drop the dream because it is more work than they imagined.

But there is a compromise for those who love the kitchen but may not love the long and difficult hours. Using a combination of the food industry and business management, every food industry department needs someone who can organize the details such as Personnel, Marketing or Location Management.

Not all of pastry is in the kitchen. Catering coordination, class room instruction, specializing in weddings or special events, and even food writing as well as photography are just some of the opportunities that graduates of pastry programs have available to them.

A career in the pastry industry requires long hours and often low starting pay to start. But if you start off with a solid foundation, a great attitude and an open mind you can find just the right cup for yourself. With both logical and reasonable thinking combined with an imagination the career opportunities are limitless.



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