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For people who drive love to drive the daily commuting and traffic doesnít bother them nearly as much as it frustrates us drivers. What kind of career exists for those who love to drive? It doesnít occur to us drivers that a lot of the driving careers we see every day are those who would never consider a different career. Even with the frustrations they love their career behind the wheel. There are dozens of careers for those who love to drive and below is only a handful of the ones available.

Limousine Driver

Both private companies and private individuals who need that extra amount of privacy to and from work hire limousine drivers. Private company limousine drivers usually make a standard rate and often receive tips. Most limo drivers are always Ďon-callí and must be ready to drive a momentís notice. In addition a special license is needed for this career.

Private company limousine drivers have a wide variety of driving routes that are almost never the same. They include prom nights, airport runs, weddings and special events fares.

Private individual drivers also called Personal Drivers work specifically for one individual, family or corporation. Being a personal driver can mean you work for the private individual or corporation which than provides the limousine or you make the decision to purchase your own limousine.

Taxicab Drivers

Taxi drivers see and hear it all. You never know whom youíre going to get as a passenger and you never know what amusing things they may say or ask you to drive to. Taxi drivers are definitely for the people person kind of personality. If youíre in a well-populated area, taxi driving can be quite lucrative. The best financially rewarding taxi drivers own their own taxicab. However, they do work long hours and the hours can be unpredictable.

Truck Drivers

Drive within the city from one business to anther or drive long distance, the choice is yours. Career opportunities for professional truck drivers have been driven into new numbers and more needed skilled drivers. Truck drivers of all distances are needed and all you have to do is love driving. Some truck drivers decide to stay close to home by driving deliveries. However some love being able to drive throughout the state and being home within a day or so. Than again, what better way to see America than driving from one side of the coast to anther?

Truck drivers will need to take special education in order to learn how to drive large trucks and big rigs. Long-haul semi drivers usually benefit from a higher income than short-haul or delivery/service truck drivers.


Valet opportunities are mainly part-time, seasonal and perfect for those who are college students, entertainment industry hopefuls or working towards their own business. Working as a valet can produce a decent salary with a base pay and tips. On the other hand this isnít a easy no hassle kind of job. Valets will be completely responsible for the ownerís car from the time the owner arrives until they leave. But, you may also enjoy the diversity involved in the opportunity to drive different types of vehicles on a regular basis.

Race Car Driver

The nirvana of driving jobs. A racecar driver requires extensive training, outstanding skill and a lot of patience. Obtaining sponsorship is the other important aspect to moving forward in this career and it isnít easy. Once a corporate sponsor agrees to finance you, you will be required to represent that company in the approach they require from you. If you can manage to be all that a company wants you to be than you can do very well for yourself financially.

Five other great careers for those who love to drive

  1. Bus Drivers
  2. Locomotive Engineers
  3. Motorboat/ Captains and Mates
  4. School Bus Drivers
  5. Subway and Streetcar Operators



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