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Product Development is full of innovative and ingenious designs. From footwear to patio furniture, T-shirts and even mundane things such as office supplies and shopping bags. Consumer products grab fame in the commercial world of consumers such as the purple Coppertone KIDS Colorblock sun block lotion. However they require strict deadlines and there is always the competitive edge to coming out with the latest cool product in business.

For someone who loves to dream of cool things that are better than what currently exists Product Developers are the only career for them.

Product Development people are a vital part of the corporate team that conceives a new company product. They develop product plans that help analysts determine the approach a company will take. Research, designing and packaging assists business analysts in setting the path for possible production. Best of all a Product Developer also called Commercial Product Creators can work in any product industry and there will always be a need for these talented individuals. The advancement for Product Developers / Commercial Product Creators is unlimited. They can move to Departmental Management or to an entirely new industry if they start to feel burnt out.

A recent career posting for the Adidas Group (high end fashionable shoes such as Adidas & Reebok) included the following as required / preferable work related experience / skills.

First relevant work experience (preferably abroad) Entrepreneurship and high flexibility Passion for sports Energetic person with a strong drive for results

For Disney Online their qualifications for innovative and ingenious new products and services include Experience in entertainment and/or online gaming as well as kids products.

Fast Company put Product Developers / Product Development Managers as one of the top 25 careers to have for 2005 to 2009.

Product Developers become very proud of the completed product they create for a company. There is a certain dynamism high that goes with seeing a product you helped bring to life displayed in advertisements. It is definitely a career that intergrades a variety of business aspects.


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