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Preventing High Schooldrop Out Inspiring Teenagers

Preventing High Schooldrop Out Inspiring Teenagers

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Inspiring Teenagers

Imagine a future where teenagers from all walks of life are inspired to achieve their dreams and goals.

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Teenagers are being forced feed the reality of a job in an environment doesn't inspire them. They use they're parents working life as proof. They see the daily high school world around them and it's not very encouraging. They use they're circumstances such as race, income abilities and lack of quality educational establishment as a good reason for not believing in themselves. Teenagers are struggling academically but they are intelligent people, they just need to become aware of what they are capable of doing. This probably means that the traditional standards need to change. Just as you can not force a round wooden block in a triangle shaped hole, you can not and should not try to force a teenager to learn in that manner.

High School - There are choices»»

Watch many teenagers from disadvantaged communities when they are walking along with friends...or talk to them individually and you will understand that many of them are living in a "there is no future" belief.

However, we can not ignore the teenagers who live within the medium and higher household income families. If a teenagers doesn't have support from within the family, than they too, will carry the "there is no future" dilemma.

  • It's estimated that about 2,500 students drop out of U.S. high schools every day.
  • Nationally, 68% of state prison inmates are dropouts.
  • On average, High school graduates earn $28,000 more a year than drop outs

Public schools are a basic right for every child in the United States and yet the education being provided is not meeting the every day necessities for a successful future in college let alone for their professional and personal lives. The number of Americans filing for bankruptcy jumped 30% in 2005. It was the largest number of bankruptcy petitions ever filed in any 12-month period in the history of the federal courts, according to the office, which collects information for the federal judiciary.

Furthermore, the United States loses approximately $192 billion / 1.6% of its current gross domestic product in combined income and tax-revenue losses with each group of 18-year-olds who never complete high school. As the murky swamp of dropouts continues to grow, employment opportunities for them are becoming more and more limiting. Today's economy requires increased literacy, more education, enhanced technological skills, and continued lifelong learning.

Teenagers see their parent(s) working 60 hours and still in debt. They are constantly pressured by statements like "Don't be like me." You must become consciously aware of what isn't working in they're life and you may not like what needs to change.

Look at a teenager and firmly believe the statement: This teenager is not my expectations.

Modern day technology has made online education flexible and accessible. Online education is widely accepted as being just as valuable as the face to face physical classroom experience. For the last eight years and more, universities and colleges have been combining multiple aspects of online websites and web interactivity with quality education. Can we be truly surprised that high schools are now following in they're footsteps? With the current public school drop out epidemic, online learning certainly looks like the positive wave of the future and should be seriously considered. Teenagers are being overrun by education and how important it is. Yet, the future doesn't inspire them. Inspire them, give them options and work with them.

If 16 is too young to buy cigarettes and to vote, how can it be old enough to make such a life-changing decision?
Where Real World Meets High School Curriculum»»


  1. Work At What U Want


    I am from the WAWUW Team and have just read this article. It is a very good point and is very true. At the age of 16 and in some other cases younger we are to make a life changing choice. The thing is... how do we know if the choice we have made is right?
    Teachers and parent, I find, often do try and presuade youngsters in one direction... become a teacher, a laywer, a doctor or the common "follow in your fatehrs footsteps" career path. Don't get me wrong, if that is your dream go for it but what about those who dream of other things. Or those who have yet to discover their dreams... well, we have put together a clean,simple and easy to use website to help inspire you.

    No idea what you want to be? (yes, you have Ė you just donít believe it yet )
    Gifted at something but donít know how to make a career of it? (there is a way )

    We wonít tell you what you should become. (Weíre not your teachers - or your parents). We just want to show you what you could become.

    Show. Not tell.

    Make your dreams reality!

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