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Presidential Candidates You Tube Video Business

Presidential Candidates You Tube Video Business

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US Presidential Candidates Open You Tube Channels

Video is becoming a mainstream business tool

Video clips is finding a spot in mainstream business. You Tube may still be known for they're inventory of quick laughs, but video is being considered for more serious subjects. Some of the Presidential announcements came through Google's You Tube as both Democrats and Republicans are singing up for You Tube channels in hopes of grabbing the technology savvy users.

Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and Republicans John Mc Cain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani have all signed up for their channels where they will post videos on they're views and the issues at hand. Members of the public will be able post a video response or questions for the candidates.

While politicians will have the final say about what appears on their own channels, they still will be unable to prevent being caught up in what has became known in the election circles as the "macaca" phenomenon. Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia, lost an election when a video showed up on You Tube of him calling a rival's staffer "macaca" -'an African monkey and sometimes a racial slur. The rival's staffer was of Indian origin.

Jordan Hoffner, You Tube director of content partnerships, said candidates might get the most benefit from their channels by being as open as possible.

"I think the politicians will be better served by letting the dialogue with the public take over," Hoffner said. "Our users are very smart and savvy and they can see through something if it's not genuine."

U.S. presidential candidates Clinton and Edwards opened their campaigns with online messages to voters. They recognize the power that online videos can have on voters and candidates are increasingly taking advantage of online video to get their messages out.

Republicans John Mccain launched a channel on Veoh Networks, which is a smaller online video rival site to You Tube. Veoh founder Dmitry Shapiro believes other politicians will soon be joining the site to establish their own channels.

"We live in a world where people want to hear directly from their politicians and not sound bites filtered by editors. Nobody believes the media is impartial," Shapiro said.

I looked up a couple of the presidential hopeful videos and online citizens are paying attention. You Tube members have already begun a flood of user generated political media clips denouncing candidate sincerity and views. There are several anti Hilary Clinton clips that contradict what she says as a public figure compared to what she does in private or through her public figure actions.

Barack Obama's My Plans for 2008 generated 141,008 views.
John Edward's O'Reilly - John Edwards hires fanatical extremist staffers generated 84,917 views.
Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor hasn't generated nearly as much coverage as his competition in the sense of being taken seriously. However, there is a Rudy Giuliani video displaying a Rudy Giuliani look like in drag. The video Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump has generated 133,790 views.

When You Tube emerged as one of the Internet's most popular Web sites, most television executives dismissed it. However, You Tube claims approximately 40 million plays a day and video possibilities are expanding.

Anther up and coming video use is video interviewing. Video technology is being used today in Human Resources for everything from training to personal feedback and improvement and soon it may be used for interviewing candidates.

How the Presidential Hopefuls video channels will effect they're campaigns won't be known until the end of the year. But, video presentations are gaining popularly in business.


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