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Photography Happy New Year Resolutions

Photography Happy New Year Resolutions

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Photography For A Happy New Year & New Resolutions

Has traditional photography changed? Some say it has for the better and others say that digital photography is killing the traditional art of what photography. While the mechanics have advanced, nothing has changed when it comes to the fact that capturing an image, a thought, a feeling, an emotion or maybe all of this combined is what photography is all about. Ansel Adams made the observation that the negative was the score and the print was the performance. If Ansel Adams were alive today I think he'd embrace the digital process to optimize his vision into print.

Photography»» is an art form that touches you and makes you pause. It's an emotional art form. They can shock an individual, immersing the seer in a wave of guilt or sorrow that forces you to see things that you didn't see before.

  • They introduce the beauty of a flower providing the joy of discovery.

  • They give us the ability to remember the fallen, and the brave.

  • They are news from the war zone and the multi-colored fashion accessories.

  • They are windows to anther world 2,000 miles away or on a Saturday night in any city.

They record a moment of life and hold on to it.

Surreal, revolutionary, sexy, fashionable, heart wrenching, sentimental and joyous. Photography is and yet is not a great deal more than the outer shell of a compendium of unwritten words. They are emblems of an attitude to life, visual statements of beauty, postcards from a exotic location. We buy photography because we want to be part of their world, if even for that single moment captured in a poster.

In a way you could say that photographers are voyageurs. When you hire a photographer for family photos you commission a custom piece of art, you are commissioning an unique and exclusive pierce of artwork. These works of art are timeless heirlooms for you and your future generations to cherish. Future generations will be able to learn about their relatives.

Make your dreams a reality.»»


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