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Pharmacy Technicians Careers Like Librarians

Pharmacy Technicians Careers Like Librarians

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Pharmacy Technicians Can Remind You of Librarians

How so?

As a Pharmacy Technician customers will ask you if there is a generic version for brand medication. While later in your career you may be able to remember a dozen generic versions to brand names, you will have to look up if there is one available. In addition, Pharmacy Technician education will give you the knowledge you will need to recommend that the customer should not mix his medication with x or never take her medication before bed.

As an Pharmacy Technician has been marked as an 'in-demand career'. As you probably already know, Pharmacy Technicians have a lot of contact with people and will undoubtfuly produce warm and trusting friendships with people who receive medicine on a regular basis.

medical Pharmacy Technician responsibilities will include receiving prescription orders, responding to patient inquiries, processing medication orders and processing third party insurance claims. The majority of the work will be done on a computer and maintaining records as well as maintaining the inventories of medicines and supplies.

However, Pharmacy Technicians are not all business. Like any other career, they have a sense of humor and find the laughter in their work. As a Pharmacy Technician 'off duty', you will have a greater awareness of prescription drug commercials. One night, you may enjoying your favorite television show when a prescription drug commercial comes on and you suddenly start a conversation with a family member on why the prescription drug works for some people but not others. After translating your family member's look into "what is she talking about", you may have a sudden urge to write a list of You know you're a Pharmacy Technician geek when:

In addition, you will also see the humanitarian side of people as a Pharmacy Technician. During the chaos of Hurricane Katrina, emergency supplies of specific medications were given to patients from pharmacies such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and CVS Pharmacies.

The pharmacy industry is constantly evolving with new drugs, updated insurance plans and the ever increasing use of alternative naturopathic medicines. Studies have been performed and continue to further research into uncovering new herbs that can medicalpossibly compliment existing medications and in some cases replace current accepted methods of treatment. The binding of alternative natural medicine and that of the existing health care system have a long way to go until it can truly be called an integrated medical organization. In the continuance of making the two patient choices co exist, Pharmacy Technicians will never have to worry about a loss in possible jobs. The majority of people (patients) will always want a human being available for questions as well as someone who can provide a smile. Your smile and knowledge could be the one that makes a patient's day brighter and safer.»»


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