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Paralegal Nurse / Legal Nurse Consultant

Paralegal Nurse Salaries: $38,000 to $41,500 depending on nursing experience.

Legal Nurse Consultant Salaries: $70,000 to $80,000 as a full time employed Legal Nurse Consultant. Legal Nurse Consultants who work independently (for themself) can earn $100 to $150 an hour or more.

For almost 20 years, Legal Nurse Consultants also known as the abbreviation LNCs have been indispensable links between the medical and legal industries as a valuable member of the litigation assembly. Legal Nurse Consultants and Paralegal Nurses start out as nurses in a variety of medical backgrounds. They come from Surgical settings, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, Rehabilitation Division, Obstetrics Departments and a dozen other areas.

Legal Nurse Consultants and Paralegal Nurses are experienced nurses who bring their medical expertise into a new legal career. After completing their studies, they work under the supervision of attorneys and become a member of the legal team and will find employment opportunities in law firms, insurance companies, hospitals, and government agencies.

Why would any nurse trade in her uniform for corporate clothing?

After years of working in the same setting some nurses start to feel burnt out. In addition, some nurses that admirably earned their degree in nursing quickly find out that the reality of their career choice is not what they want any more. How do you explain to friends and family that you are just not happy? Especially after they supported you through school? However why should you be miserable either? These nurses look to find other options and Legal Nurse Consultants and Paralegal Nurses is an avenue they look into.

One nurse who spent more than 10 years as a Critical Care Nurse began feeling restless and unsatisfied with her career. However she wanted to keep her nursing skills but also move into a new career. The choice she made was to transfer her medical skills and experience to the law field.

What is the difference between Legal Nurse Consultants and Paralegal Nurses?

Legal Nurse Consultants supply law firms with medical expertise on cases that involve personal injury, job environment negligence, and product liability. Legal Nurse Consultants can be employed as a full time Consultant or could be hired as a Consultant for short, outsource contracts for particular cases. The choice is genuinely up to the individual. Work as little as you want or transfer to a new full time career that does not require the graveyard shift.

Nurse Paralegals are hired on average as in house full time employees. Law firms, insurance companies, HMOs, medical journals, and government agencies all hire Nurse Paralegals to do work as Legal Assistants. Their work can include cases that also involve areas of personal injury, worker compensation, insurance defense, and medical malpractice. Nurse Paralegals may interview clients, witnesses and experts in a particular field. In addition a Nurse Paralegal will perform legal research, prepare legal documents, and assist with medical records. Because of their medical experience and skills, Nurse Paralegals usually start at a slightly higher salary than most other paralegals.

The best thing about making a transition from the medical field to the legal field is that several colleges offer online courses. This allows nurses to continue working their current medical careers until they complete their legal education. Online colleges and universities offer a variety of financial payment plans including federal loans and grants so that everyone can obtain their personal goals in career enrichment.


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