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Online college educationAs reported by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the number of colleges offering online education has been explosive in recent years. Nearly one-third of all colleges, universities and vocational trade schools reported that they offered some form of distance learning.

As more colleges, universities and trade schools utilize Internet possibilities in offering degrees and certification courses, the broad range of choices available challenges people seeking a higher quality education from a distance.

The working college student

Today's students are busy with work and family. Completing a degree is not their only priority, but is still a priority in today's challenge to get ahead. Students find online learning an opportunity to "do it all" without giving up their current commitments or income.

According to NCES, in 1999-2000, among all students who participated in distance education:

  • 60% did so through the Internet
  • 39% learned through prerecorded audio or video courses
  • 37% attended live television or audio courses

Given the varied situations of those who want online learning programs, you may find your virtual classroom to be more diverse than those on a traditional campus.

In today's economy, education beyond high school is necessary. Individuals with college training will earn higher salaries than those without higher education. The average annual salary of all college graduates averaged approximately $40,000 after receiving a degree. This was twice the amount those individuals would have earned with only high school diplomas.

Online learning is not only here to stay but will advance as the Internet technology advances. The online approach combines quality with "anytime" access to the classroom.

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