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Not Tera Bites, The Terabyte

One terabyte coming up!


It was predicted last year that a 1 terabyte drive would be on the market by the end of 2006. 2007 has arrived and no terabytes are available at Circuit City. However, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, who predicted the terabyte arrival were not too far off from they're prediction.

Why is a terabyte such a big deal, if you have to ask your not a geek.
For the non geeks, 1 terabyte is equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes... That's 500 two gigabyte iPods.

Hitachi will soon introduce a 3.5 inch-diameter 1 terabyte drive for desktops in the first quarter. They'll follow that powerful little byte with a 3.5 inch terabyte drive for digital video recorders, bundled with software called Audio Visual Storage Manager. The software will make it easier to retrieve data, and corporate storage systems.

If I could view any of my readers, I know I would see a some drool forming, so let me help make the Tera Bite even taster. The Deskstar 7K1000 will cost only $399 when it hits the market, that configures to be about 40 cents a gigabyte. If you can't afford Tera, Hitachi will also introduce a 750GB drive. Seagate Technology already has a 750GB drive that started shipping to desktop makers last April. Seagate Technology isn't far behind Hitachi and will also come out with a 1 terabyte drive sometime within the first half of 2007. The two companies, along with others, will flaunt the new drives at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and will show off hybrid hard drives, as well. The hybrid hard drives are my personal favorites.

So who needs this sort of storage capacity? Eventually you will; the everyday non geek folk. Demand for data storage capacity at corporations continues to grow with personal use and entertainment slowly but steadily following behind. One single terabyte drive takes up less space than four 250GB drives, which lets Information Technology Managers conserve computer room space. The drive can hold about 330,000 photos (3 MB in size) or 250,000 MP3s, according to Hitachi's math. I wonder if that's anything like Starbuck language? Small=Tall / Large= Grande

The non geek folks (that's you and I) are guzzling more drive capacity because of content like videos. One hour of standard video takes up roughly 1GB, while one hour of high-definition video takes nearly 4GB. Consumers, tend to be skeptical of ever needing more storage capacity. Ok, I can see why you would ask "why would I need 1 terabyte, I don't have that much stuff to put in storage". Fair enough, but if you own an iPod, how many gigabytes it? 2GB? How long before your going to want a 4GB? 3 years ago, did you ever think you would need or even want a gigabyte?

MP3 players are still advancing. Some play videos and hold pictures. A first addition digital book player is already on the market; those will develop into better quality with enhanced capabilities and larger storage units to hold larger books. Larger books, videos, and eventually films, means more storage which means eventually they will use or require a terabyte.

Increases in data storage capacity will continue because technology will continue.»»


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