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Technology Helps Unburden Medical Work Loads

Technology Helps Unburden Medical Work Loads

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Healthcare jobs will be a little easier with advancing technology. Intel Healthcare is a groundbreaking corporation introducing the healthcare world to new and advanced medical equipment. Their products continue to give healthcare professionals what they need most, time.

One of they’re latest creations is the mobile clinical assistant (MCA) for nurses. The MCA is an important step in connecting nurses and medical assistants thorough patient information on a real-time basis. The MCA is lightweight, spill-resistant, drop-tolerant and easily disinfected and allows nurses to access up-to-the-minute patient records and to document a patient's condition instantly.

Designed to ease the nurse's daily workload, the unit features include wireless connectivity to access up-to-date patient information and physician's orders. In addition, the units are feature a digital camera to enhance patient charting and bluetooth technology to help capture patient vital signs.

Intel and Motion Computing combined they're resources and worked closely with electronic medical record (EMR) and other clinical software companies to improve their applications for use on MCA. Pilot studies were conducted in hospitals worldwide, some of which included Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, El Camino Hospital in Northern California and Changi General Hospital in Singapore.

Using the MCA device in studies, social scientists from Intel's Digital Health Group conducted ethnographic studies to understand the usage, usefulness and usability in genuine clinical work environments. Studies results showed that nurses and physicians appreciated the immediate anytime; anywhere access to secure patient information and doctor's orders.

"The MCA enabled me to have on the spot access for inputting patient details at the bedside. I was able to look up results, check and make referrals as part of the ward round and support case conferences by having quick access to patient details." said Jenny Quilliam, staff nurse at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.



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